The garden is getting some plant food next week, as Lifeweaver buffs hit the server. Here’s what changes are loaded in the watering can.

New Overwatch Heroes tend to go through a gentle tuning phase upon release. This is especially truth with the last four new Heroes, all of which have seen some kind of quick changes. Good on Blizzard for reacting to the needs of the community! Well, now it's time for some Lifeweaver buffs.

This trend continues as Blizzard announced the changes coming to Lifeweaver next week. In addition to the expected controls change previously announce the Support Hero will also get more powerful.

Let's take a look.

Lifeweaver buffs on the way

Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson announced the Lifeweaver buffs on his Twitter account today. We'll give an overview and our thoughts on them, much in the style of our rolling patch notes.

Healing Blossom

  • Ammo up to 20 (from 12)
  • Slow during charge now kicks in 1 second after fully charging

This feels like the correct Lifeweaver buffs for his healing, as the amount hasn't been the issue. In actuality, the need to reload and the movement speed debuff while holding a healing charge made him a big target. Both feel like the correct tweaks without making the heal too good.

Thorn Volley

  • Spread tightened

Lifeweaver's weapon is actually pretty good if your enemy is up in your grill. However, that spread widened like the Grand Canyon the second your enemy gets out of range. This should help Lifeweaver deal with midrange threats better.

Tree of Life

  • Health up to 1200 (from 1000)
  • Per pulse healing up to 75 (from 50)

This feels correct, as Tree of Life is a big part of Lifeweaver's healing totals. This now puts the tree up higher than B.O.B. in regards to health while also being more of a constant threat.

Parting Gift

  • Removed

That's fine. Honestly, there felt like no real incentive to try and chase down the Parting Gift in most cases. Better off dead, I say.

Will these changes make Lifeweaver better? I tend to believe so, as his utility is still very much a game-changer. However, these slight nudges in the upward direction should make him more playable for the novice Lifeweaver player and make him feel more active.

Check out the full changes this coming Tuesday when the updates go live.

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