Hot off a Houston Outlaws 2022 playoff run, Danteh is now the main shieldbearer for the Los Angeles Gladiators.

After a strong and surprisingly deep run in the 2022 Grand Finals playoffs, it appeared as though things were looking up for the Houston Outlaws. Then, as it seemed to be the case for many teams, the entire roster went sideways in an active and hectic offseason. The biggest of those changes came with the release of superstar, main tank, and face of the team Dante "Danteh" Cruz.

You can't keep a good tank down and the former DPS standout turned full-time main tank is now with the Los Angeles Gladiators. Danteh announced it via social media, along with a post from the team earlier today.

Danteh: The Gladiators new shield

Danteh joins another Houston Outlaws castoff, flex support player Mun "Lastro" Jung-won over with the #ShieldsUp clan. The two join a Gladiators team in a bit of a rebuild, along with Kevin "kevster" Persson and Daniel "FunnyAstro" Hathaway. This comes off of the team releasing former tanks Indy "SPACE" Halpern and Corey "Reiner" Scoda.

The road to becoming a main tank has been a long one for Danteh. Originally known as one of the best Tracers in Overwatch League, the team found themselves in need of a pivot midway through the 2022 season.

With a meta shifting towards dive and rapidly approaching Overwatch 2, it appeared the team saw the writing on the wall. In between a summer of playing Junker Queen, Danteh found himself as a main dive tank as Doomfist and Winston.

His unpredictable and dogged play on dive tank helped secure the Outlaws their deepest post-season run to date. The team finished third overall, losing the San Francisco Shock in loser's finals.

Don't cry for the Outlaws too much though. 2022 Grand Finals champion and former Dallas Fuel tank Lee "Fearless" Eui-Seok appears more than ready to lead Houston back to glory. Let's look forward to the Gladiators/Danteh vs. Outlaws/Fearless matchup in the near future.

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