Lifeweaver is getting a buff before he is even available in Overwatch 2 cover image

Lifeweaver is getting a buff before he is even available in Overwatch 2

Lifeweaver is already getting a buff going into Season 4. The goal is to ensure the support hero is healing allies effectively.

Lifeweaver isn't even out yet but Overwatch 2 developers are already giving the pansexual support hero a buff on day one.

Lifeweaver is the next Overwatch 2 support, available when Season 4 drops on April 11. His flower-inspired design and bio-based support technology already has players quite intrigued. The ability to create platforms and move around allies is quite interesting in the currently aggressive meta.

But Lifeweaver may not have been as impactful as players thought. Don't worry, though, a buff is on its way.

Lifeweaver changes revealed ahead of Season 4

Overwatch 2's designer Aaron Keller recently tweeted that Lifeweaver will be getting a buff right when Season 4 drops.

The buff will be to his healing capabilities, reducing the charging time of his primary heal from 1.2 to 1 second.

Lifeweaver has two functionalities in his right hand, including a charge-based ability called Healing Blossom. Lifeweaver has to aim at allies and then hold down the fire button to charge up the healing burst. Once it's fully charged it will give the targeted teammate max heals.

It seemed like the time it took to reach this maximum charge was holding Lifeweaver back from being as effective as Ana, Kiriko, and other meta heroes. Lifeweaver will probably still be used as a secondary healer, however, since his kit has more of a focus on mobility. Lifeweaver is equipped with a self-healing dash, ascending platforms, and the ability to pull teammates back to him.

Overwatch players are already worried about the trolling that may be done with the Life Grip ability, with trolls already using it to try and get teammates to fall off the map or obnoxiously move them away from combat at critical moments. But developers have promised that there are mechanics in place that won't allow this, although gamers remain skeptical.

For now, however, developers are more concerned with his healing output going into Season 4. Hopefully this buff will make him more balanced in the current meta.