LGBT Pride Month arrives to Overwatch with player cards, icons, a map makeover, and more.

Everyone loves a parade, but maybe less so when you're trying to move a payload through it. Have no fear because the LGBT Pride Month celebration in Overwatch is kicking off with a full map makeover, an avalanche of new player cards and icons, and more. Revealed today by Blizzard before the month-long festivities on June 1, players will have every opportunity to wear their pride colors into battle.

LGBT Pride Month in Overwatch

<em>One of the many LGBT Pride Month player cards.</em>
One of the many LGBT Pride Month player cards.

One of the bigger--and warranted--criticisms levied at the Overwatch team has been its lack of LGBT Pride Month integration. While never ignored, it's not nearly on the level of its most adjacent shooter competition in VALORANT.

"For those wondering “why now”: we love our characters and their lore, and in expanding the OW2 experience to include the upcoming PvE lore, we realized how much more we can do in exploring our character identities and relationships," said the Overwatch team in today's blog post.

No more waiting, as the Overwatch team is adding in a number of ways to sport your LGBT pride. "One thing we have heard from both players and Overwatch team members alike is that seeing themselves in the game over the years has helped them find the strength and courage to show the world who they are."

That's definitely no longer a concern. Everyone who logs in starting June 1 will get a whole slew of icons and player cards. The cards include gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans, genderfluid, and pansexual representation to go along with that newfound lore confirmation found in the Parah and Baptiste short story.

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And if all of that wasn't enough, Midtown will see an LGBT Pride parade makeover, bringing the colors of the season to Overwatch. Be sure to log in starting this Thursday to get your LGBT Overwatch Pride on, all month long.

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