The K-Pop group Le Sserafim and Overwatch collide with a newly announced collaboration for the group’s next major single release.

You want more Overwatch collaborations? You got it! Announced earlier today, the female K-pop group LE SSERAFIM and Overwatch 2 are set for the game's first music-based collaboration. Starting on Nov. 1, the collab with LE SSERAFIM to promote the group's next single, 'Perfect Night' includes a custom game mode, and "exclusive in-game items."

In an announcement by Blizzard, the publisher says "This collab also will feature a LE SSERAFIM-inspired game mode and exclusive in-game items, including Legendary hero skins."

This is the third out-of-universe collaboration for Overwatch. It comes on the heels of a One Punch Man and high-end sunglasses collabs earlier in the year.

LE SSERAFIM x Overwatch

Formed in 2022, LE SSERAFIM is comprised of five members: Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, Kim Chaewon, Sakura, and Hong Eunchae. The squad is ran by music publisher Source Music, previously known for the group GFriend. A play on words of the phrase "I'm fearless" and seraphim, LE SSERAFIM's first major hit was Fearless in May, 2022.

Since then the group has garnered a strong following. Multiple videos on YouTube for the group have over the 50 million views. The group's most recent single from this past may currently sits at 66 million views.

The video for the LE SSERAFIM Overwatch crossover will feature visuals from the game, sure to cross over into the digital world. The group will also make an appearance at BlizzCon on Nov. 4 for a performance including their new single, Perfect Night, in the BlizzCon Arena following the conclusion of the Community Night.

"We're extremely excited to be working with LE SSERAFIM for our game's first musical artist collaboration," said Walter Kong in a press release, a Director and Executive Producer at Blizzard. "Like the heroes of Overwatch, the members are amazing as individuals, but unstoppable when they come together." 

So, congrats to Dva for her upcoming legendary skin, I guess. After all, who else would get a K-pop skin? Torb? Bastion?

Give it to Bastion.

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