How to unlock the Doomfist One Punch Man Overwatch 2 bundle cover image

How to unlock the Doomfist One Punch Man Overwatch 2 bundle

It’s time to put on your cape and gigantic metal fist, as the Doomfist-as-Saitama One Punch Man bundle is here.

Ready to do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and then a 10 kilometer run? The Doomfist-as-Saitama skin bundle is here along with the One Punch Man Overwatch 2 challenge event. Now, you may be wondering what's in this bundle and how much it costs. Lucky for you we have all of that info and more on the Doomfist One Punch Man bundle now available in the shop until April 6!

<em>The new One Punch Man main menu animation.</em>

Let's take a look at Overwatch 2's resident One Punch Man and his new duds.

What's in the Doomfist One Punch Man bundle?

What kind of anime nerd swag does Doomfist get for 2500 Overwatch 2 Coins? The Doomist One Punch Man bundle includes:

  • The Doomfist-as-One Punch man Legendary skin
  • Training Regimine Epic emote
  • "One Hundred Push-Ups..." voice line
  • The "Saitama Punch" highlight intro
  • Saitama - Doomfist name card

This 2500 Coin bundle costs just a little over $19.99 USD. A bundle containing all of the One Punch Man event skins is also available for 4400 Coins, or about $40.00 USD.

The Overwatch 2 shop says in regards to the new collab:

One punch is all you need in this limited-time Overwatch 2 x One-Punch Man collaboration! Complete challenges through April 6 and earn free themed rewards, including the Legendary Mumen Rider - Soldier: 76 skin. Complete your hero collection with additional Legendary bundles featuring Saitama - Doomfist, Terrible Tornado - Kiriko, and Genos - Genji from the in-game shop.

Will this Doomfist One Punch Man bundle lead to more anime collaborations? As of now the Overwatch 2 team is staying quiet. However, they have mentioned a number of other anime and gaming franchises in the various posts made about the event, including a mention of the Street Fighter franchise.

With any luck we'll see more collaborations down the road. Until then, go out and enjoy the Overwatch 2 x One Punch Man event running through April 6.

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