Hope you like the Toronto Defiant, as the Team USA roster is full of players from way up north, along with a few surprises.

Fire up your grill, grab your American flag, and get your pet bald eagle ready for battle. That's right, the long-awaited reveal of the Overwatch World Cup Team USA roster is here, finally revealed by the team today on social media. Team USA are the previous champions, having taken the OWC crown in 2019. Can they repeat or has the Overwatch scene passed by the red, white, and blue?

Let's look at the roster.

Who is on the Team USA Overwatch World Cup roster?

The Team USA OWC roster is a mix of new names, old champions, and team players. Let's detail the various members.


  • Colin "Coluge" Arai - Toronto Defiant

Coluge was part of a two-tank setup for the 2022 San Francisco Shock, along with fellow Team USA tank Super. Primarily known as a Sigma, D.va, and Rein player, Coluge will offer the team a tempo switch from Super's ability to play Winston.

  • Matthew "super" DeLisi - Retired

Super retired after the San Francisco Shock's 2022 playoff run, but still remains as one of the most accomplished players of all time. This includes being a two-time OWL champion, a former World Cup champion, and multiple tournament wins. His Rein and Winston were a signature of his 2022 play.


  • Christian "Ojee" Han - Toronto Defiant

Another current Toronto player, Ojee tends to play Lucio, Brig, and Baptiste.

  • Benjamin "UltraViolet" David - Toronto Defiant

I feel like we're seeing a theme here with what team all of the Team USA Overwatch World Cup roster members are from. Ultraviolet proved to be an unsung hero of the recent Pro-Am East event, helping Toronto to a third place finish.

Overwatch World Cup Team USA DPS

  • Isaiah "Hydron" Rodriguez - Toronto Defiant 

Oh, another one. A former member of the Florida Mayhem, Hydron's move to Toronto paid out big for the team during the OWL Pro-Am East event. His hitscan play kept the Defiant in multiple games and should serve as the team's sharpshooter.

  • Nicholas "Speedily" Zou - Toronto Defiant

Well, that makes a full roster of Toronto members, doesn't it? Speedily is a more dive-focused DPS player, though does dabble in the occasional Mei Wall.

  • Kamden "Sugarfree" Hijada - Vancouver Titans

Oh, thank God: Someone that doesn't play for Toronto. Sugarfree is the baby on the block, finally coming of age and able to join the Overwatch League proper. He's already paid dividends for Vancouver thanks to his Tracer and Sombra play.


  • Luka "Aspire" Rolovic
  • Rupal "Rupal" Zaman
  • Samuel "s9mm" Santos

How will this team stack up against the fierce competition of Korea and the UK? We'll find out when the Overwatch World Cup Team USA roster heads into competition later this year.

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