Patiphan and Profit display their talent on the biggest stage of the game.

Los Angeles Gladiators won the Overwatch League Kickoff Clash 2022, going unbeaten in their final match. While the Gladiators’ victory was impressive, Overwatch fans were excited to see one of the most popular players in the League crowned the MVP. 

The Kickoff Clash is the quarterfinal mark of the Overwatch League 2022 season. After several weeks of qualifiers, the top teams clashed in the regional event. Four teams clashed online in the East  and four in the West, on LAN.

Gladiators sweep through the west

The Gladiators were not the favorites to win the Kickoff Clash, with many fans heralding the Dallas Fuel and even San Francisco Shock above them. But the Gladiators upper bracket run saw them defeat Houston Outlaws, Atlanta Reign and twice, the Dallas Fuel. The Grand Finals match, a 4-0 affair, was even more dominant than their previous encounter.

Former Valorant player, Patiphan was instrumental in the Gladiator’s performance. The former X10 Crit player moved to Overwatch when he retired from Valorant in December. 

The Dallas Fuel came into the series having just defeated Atlanta Reign in the lower bracket. The joy from the lower bracket victory was short lived as they failed on Ilios, the first map, against Gladiators. 

Gladiators’ confidence going into the series was evident from their aggressive plays and determined ult usage. 

King’s Row saw crucial mistakes by Dallas Fuel that allowed the Gladiators to cap the point, when they had no issue to do so. Gladiators even spawn camped the Dallas Fuel, a clear show of confidence against the home team. 

On Route 66, the Fuel could not find their optimal composition, often having to change their lineup to deal with the Gladiators. The constant change meant they were often playing behind the Gladiators in terms of ult percentage. 

The Gladiators ended the series on Colosseo where we saw a focus on a different aspect of the Gladiators’ gameplay. The focus and synergy between the Gladiators players allowed them to extract massive advantage over their opponents. The Los Angeles Gladiators won the series 4-0 and were crowned the Overwatch League Kickoff Clash West champions.

Seoul dominate the East

They join the Seoul Dynasty as the winners of the Kickoff Clash. Seoul won the East division after a 4-0 victory over the Philadelphia Fusion. One of the most popular players in the Overwatch League, Joon-yeong "Profit" Park, continues to dominate in the game even after four years at the top.

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