Ready to fight the cyber-corporations? You’ll need this Synthwave Tracer skin bundle to truly stick it to the man.

It's time to put on a LoFi vinyl, turn up all your RGB lights, and jack into the cyberwebs. Or maybe just listen to that one really bad Billy Idol album where he turned a song about heroin addiction into a dance number. No matter your choice, it all means one thing: The Overwatch shop has reset for the week and it's time to buy that rad Synthwave Tracer skin teased at the start of the current season.

What's in the Synthwave Tracer skin bundle?

Added today as part of a bundle, the Synthwave Tracer skin harkens to a time when Tron was the biggest influence on the World Wide Web. The full bundle costs 1500 Coins--about $15.00 USD. The full bundle includes:


  • Tracer - Synthwave - Epic


  • Synthdrift - Epic


  • Synth Head - Epic

Apropos: Do any of you people even remember what the internet used to be like? I still remember having to go to the library and log into America Online to start surfing. Even then, HTML links weren't really a thing--You had to type in a keyword and hope that got you to your destination.

Which is all to say that the early internet was bad, but this skin is rad!

<em>The Synthwave Tracer skin highlight intro.</em>

You'll have a full week to get your credits together and make the Synthwave Tracer skin a part of your collection. Act fast, as the end of the season is upon us. After all, who knows if Tracer plans on driving that sweet cyberbike our way again.

Boy, everything about this makes me feel old. Pardon me while I go take my vitamin D and iron pills while thinking about Johnny Mnemonic.

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