Amazon Prime Gaming has a special deal for players looking to get some free Overwatch battle pass tiers for Season 4!

While the season is long and dark, my darlings, it's still a pain to level that battle pass. Luckily, JEFFREY BEZOS is here to give your Overwatch 2 battle pass tiers a boost with a limited-time Amazon Gaming perk. In case you forgot, Amazon Gaming is just the Amazon Prime section of your yearly subscription. After all, it can't all be free shipping on trash bags and "personal massagers."

Here's the deets.

How to get your free Overwatch battle pass tiers

Yet another perk included free with Amazon Prime, getting those free Overwatch battle pass tiers is a breeze. Head over to the offering page, make sure your accounts are linked, and hit the big, purple "Get in-game content" button. Boom. Done. Easy. Simple. Astounding. Lovely. This deal will be up for the next month or so, ending on May 18, 2023.

While five tiers doesn't seem like much, free battle pass levels are better than nothing. This season's current space opera-themed offerings include a new Mythic skin for Sigma as he puts on his best space fascist impression. Nobody tell Lord Frieza, he might get jealous.

This offer is available on all platforms. Just make sure you tie the right Blizzard account to your Prime Gaming account. Unlike some writers who will remain nameless that keep forgetting to unsync their smurfing account that they stopped playing in Overwatch 1.


Look: Don't judge me. It was a different time.

Sigma's mythic skin from Season 4 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Sigma's mythic skin from Season 4 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Sorry in advance to our friends in Russia and China, as this offer is not available to any of you. But, hey, look on the bright side: You did get to see a statue of Thrall get smashed by Netease. That's something. If you don't already have Prime Gaming you can get one by signing up for Amazon Prime or Prime Video. After that, go get your free Overwatch battle pass tiers and get going on season 4!

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