Revealed today for the start of OWCS, team FTG sport a number of Overwatch League names and a reunion from the Houston Outlaws.

We're a month out from the beginning of the Overwatch Champions Series, so it must be time for roster reveals. It's safe to assume that a number of Overwatch League veterans will end up in the mix, one way or another. However, we've gotten one of our first official roster reveals to confirm a team made of up OWL hitters. Look out OWCS, here comes FTG.

FTG (From The Gamer) sports a number of well-known names just from its front office. The coaching staff consists of Kim "Yaki" Jun-ki, former Florida Mayhem and Team Runaway standout, as well as head coach Park "Neko" Se-hyeon, last seen leading the Houston Outlaws to Grand Finals 2023.

Those are two big names leading FTG into the OWCS. But who is taking the field? Let's look at the roster.

FTG OWCS roster: Flex zone

Here's the rundown of the FTG roster for this month's start of the OWCS.

FTG OWCS roster: Tanks

  • Hwang "Belosrea" Gyu-tae: Last seen on the Philadelphia Fusion's 2022 playoff run.
    • Mains: Winston, Rein, Ball
  • Shin "BERNAR" Se-won: Former off-tank specialist, last played for the Houston Outlaws 2023 playoff run as a sub for Fearless.
    • Mains: Zarya, Ram


  • Kim "AlphaYi" Jun: Played for the Washington Justice and Hongzhou Spark.
    • Mains: Genji, Tracer, Echo
  • Lim "Flora" Young-woo: Yet another ex-Justice player, was also on the NYXL.
    • Mains: Cassidy, Ashe, Widow


  • Oh "FiNN" Se-jin: A former O2 Blast member, last seen playing for the San Francisco Shock.
    • Mains: Kiriko, Zen, Ana
  • Park "Viol2t" Min-ki: Former standout for the Shock and Outlaws, one of the best OWL supports.
    • Mains: Zen, Lucio, Bap

Outside of Viol2t it appears FTG sports a number of strong, if not fully proven players. The team will be playing out of South Korea and that already makes their path to success a rough one. Will the combination of a Houston Outlaws reunion with Neko, BERNAR, and Viol2t be enough? We'll see when FTG and others tackle the OWCS, starting this month.

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