A legendary Reaper skin and a Weapon Charm are up for grabs.

If you didn’t already know, Overwatch 2 released on October 4. That doesn’t mean you could get into a match as easily though. The game has been plagued by several issues at launch leading to a very frustrating experience for players - old and new.

With issues ranging from server problems, phone numbers not working in Overwatch 2 as well as missing Watchpoint packs, the game’s launch has been anything but smooth. Activision Blizzard took the game offline multiple times within the first week of launch to solve some of the issues. After resolving several issues, the company is now offering freebies to players - you could call it an apology.

“We apologize for any issues players experienced around the game’s launch,” said the official blog post. “To help make up for any lost time, we’re planning to run several Double Match XP weekends: we will confirm the specific dates for these soon. We’ll also be giving all players who log in from October 25 through to the end of Season One an all-new Cursed Captain Reaper Legendary skin and a Health Pack Weapon Charm. These items will become part of your collection from the first time you log in during that time window.”

 To help make up for any lost time, we’re planning to run several Double Match XP weekends

Overwatch 2 will feature multiple double XP weekends, dates for which will be announced soon. This article will be updated as new information comes out. 

Overwatch 2 Double XP Weekends

Blizzard has already announced Overwatch 2 will feature multiple Double XP weekends. These weekends will allow players to quickly climb through the free and premium battle pass. As part of Overwatch 2’s launch, Blizzard locked higher heroes behind the battle pass levels. This is quite similar to how Riot Games allows players to unlock Agents in Valorant and Champions in League of Legends. 

Requiring players to unlock heroes allows new players to gain some experience with the Overwatch experience. Overwatch is a very diverse game with multiple heroes, each with more 

Players who log into the game from October 25 till the end of season 1 will get additional rewards. Cosmetics make up a significant part of the game experience and Blizzard wants to reward players with cosmetics in-game for their patience. 

How to get free Overwatch 2 cosmetics?

Players simply need to log on to the game anytime after October 25, 2022 till the end of the season. Once you log on, the game will automatically add the following cosmetics to your inventory.

Here are the free Overwatch 2 cosmetics:

  1. Cursed Captain Reaper Legendary Skin
  1. Health Pack Weapon Charm

When does Overwatch 2 Season 1 end?

Around December 6.

The season kicked off along with the game’s launch on October 4. Blizzard plans to launch new content in the game every nine weeks. So that puts the end of Season 1 somewhere around December 6. The actual dates might vary by a few days, but that should give you an estimate of when to expect new things in Overwatch 2.

Till then, remember to log into the game after October 25 to claim your free rewards.