A good Contenders team is still just a Contenders team, as undefeated Florida Mayhem dominated the cinderella Trick Room to win Group A.

In a situation where they could prove themselves, Contenders team Trick Room showed that it's just another T2 team after a fast and thorough loss to the Florida Mayhem. Days removed from the upstart underdogs that beat the San Francisco Shock, Trick Room still held their own destiny going into today's match against an undefeated Florida team.

Instead, the young Contenders team folded under the weight of a pro team with a better squad and plan. Here are the highlights.

Mayhem reads the (Trick) Room

The Mayhem team playing with purpose blew up a potential three-way tiebreaker brewing for Trick Room. Opening up on Nepal without coordination, the once-fearsome Trick Room once again looked lost. Unable to gain double-digit elims or even damage Florida's backline, Trick Room showcased the vast gulf of difference between a really good Contenders squad and a team of OWL pros.

Stand by your man tank

Trick Room took Map Two to Hollywood in an attempt to channel wins from days prior, to no avail. The Wrecking Ball/Tracer duo that brought the team success was far less effective against a team willing to turn around and protect its backline.

Likewise, the key to Florida's success against Trick Room came with a stout and responsive support line. Healers Sung "CH0R0NG" Yoo-min and Rupal "Rupal" Zaman dominated against their foes, with well-placed Ana cooldowns dominating Trick Room's dive tank.

Despite claims of not facing a true test in the Pro-Am so far, Florida heads into the playoffs tournament undefeated. Trick Room gets eliminated from contention and will take on the Contenders team Timeless later today to salvage what's left of their Overwatch League experience.

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