Moon played a huge part in Shanghai Dragons’ victory this year.

Byung-chul “Moon” Moon won the Esports Coach of the Year at the 2021 Esports Awards. The Shanghai Dragons’ coach helped the team win this year’s Overwatch League after a dominant performance throughout the season.

After a 0-40 start to the inaugural Overwatch season, Shanghai Dragons redeemed itself with the title of the Overwatch League champions this year. The team defeated Atlanta Reign 4-0 in the Grand Finals.

We will put our best effort to make Shanghai Dragons the best team.

Who were the Nominees for the Esports Coach of the Year?

The nominee’s list for the Esports Awards include:

  • Emiliano ‘Sizz’ Benny
  • Bok ‘Reapered’ Han-Gyu
  • Kim ‘kKoma’ Jeong-gyun
  • Andrey ‘Engh’ Sholokov
  • James ‘Crowder’ Crowder
  • Mark ‘MarkyB’ Bryceland
  • Byung-chul ‘Moon’ Moon
  • James ‘Mac’ MacCormack
  • Dyjair ‘Mity’ Soares
  • Andrii ‘B1ad3’ Gorodenskyi
  • Arthur ‘TchubZ’ Martins

The Esports Awards was streamed live from the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas. With some of the biggest names in attendance, the Esports Awards took place offline after nearly 700 days and there was a lot of excitement for the prizes. 

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