A buff to Cassidy in the Overwatch Season 7 patch to his Combat Roll now lets the cowboy survive even the biggest explosions.

The funny thing about constant balance updates for competitive games are the unintended, yet hilarious changes. After all, it's a lot of juggling that goes into the tweaks and changes to make a game fair, balanced, and fun. And yet, some changes are just hilarious. Case in point: Yesterday's Overwatch Season 7 patch saw a change to Cassidy and his Combat Roll ability that makes him... uh, indestructible?

We know it's hard living out there on the open fields, but weren't ready to watch Cassidy facetank a nuclear bomb. Let's look at the change, the results, and best uses for this somewhat busted change.

Cassidy, Combat Roll master of Overwatch

See anything strange in the above clip? As a user on Reddit discovered today, Cassidy and his Combat Roll buff now gives the cowpoke some impressive survivability. Here's the actual patch notes text for the change.


Combat Roll

  • Damage reduction increased from 50% to 75%.

Now, you may be saying to yourself "Wait, when did Combat Roll start reducing damage?" And you aren't alone! Even in my watching of Overwatch changes as a profession I somehow missed that this was a thing he could do. In fairness, it's hard to use Cassidy's shift ability in Overwatch as a way to actively avoid attacks. It's more of an unintended consequence.

And yet, as we see in the above video, Cassidy is able to Combat Roll and facetank a Dva Bomb and survive with 25 HP. Here's a short list of abilities he can react to with Combat Roll and live.

  • Dva Bomb
  • RIP-Tire
  • Nano/Dragon Blade
  • Point blank Reinhardt Shatter
  • Terra Surge
  • Meteor Strike
  • Artillery Strike

And these are the most obvious examples. In reality, if you're quick to the draw then Cassidy might just now be the most durable Overwatch Hero by a large margin. Will the damage reduction buff remain? It's hard to tell, but the developer isn't afraid of reverting buffs in a pinch. If there's a change before the next midseason patch then we'll be sure to let you know.

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