Disturbing custom game in Overwatch 2 has fans calling on Blizzard to take it down cover image

Disturbing custom game in Overwatch 2 has fans calling on Blizzard to take it down

An inappropriate custom game is back in Overwatch 2, causing gamers to call on Blizzard to make some changes ASAP.

Custom games are usually a source of chaotic, creative entertainment in Overwatch 2. There are games that have everyone playing as Roadhog around the large pit in Illios, or Cassidey with just one bullet, or shrink every hero and have you hide around the map, hide and seek style. But one custom game has been a huge source of controversy, Sexual Harassment Simulator.

Recently, Sexual Harassment Simulator became the most popular custom game in Overwatch 2. This mode has players flash banging each other and then teabagging them to simulate sexual assault. Players win by having the most "children," which are earned by teabagging the most victims.

Sexual Harassment Simulator first popped up in the fall of 2022. The community became alarmed when one mother took to Twitter to urge other parents to not let their child play Overwatch 2. In the tweet, she called out Sexual Harassment Simulator for showing female heroes getting "raped."

As the controversy picked up, Blizzard developers attempted to upgrade moderation filters to keep sexist and violent lobbies from being created in the game. But it appears developers' promise to improve these filters hasn't worked, since Sexual Harassment Simulator is was the most popular custom game once more just a few days ago.

Sexual Harassment Simulator is back on Overwatch 2

On Reddit, one Overwatch user noticed it was number one under the "Popular" category. The description read "find new friends, live a normal life, and give birth to a child!" The attempt at normalizing sexual assault had many Overwatch fans disturbed. Others pointed out that it was common to see this simulator in the first Overwatch as well, but a new version was created for Overwatch 2 once the original was taken down.

While many found it quite horrific, some Overwatch players pointed out that it was actually "satire" of Blizzard. The original version only allowed Cassidy — formerly called McCree after a problematic Blizzard employee accused of sexual harassment — to flashbang victims. Blizzard has been dealing with an ongoing lawsuit regarding an unsafe work environment, gender discrimination, and many stories of women getting sexually harassed and mistreated by male employees.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Whether the simulator was created with the intention of mocking Blizzard or not, the fanbase is still not too pleased to see such a disturbing game under "Popular" when so many kids play Overwatch 2.

Blizzard has agreed with this sentiment in the past. The original Sexual Assault Simulator was removed for having "no place" in Overwatch. This time around, however, developers haven't made any statements thus far.