A week removed from his OWL retirement, Danteh now joins both the OWWC Team USA squad and a winning collegiate program at Maryville.

I thought you were supposed to slow down in your retirement? Days removed from the announcement that Dante "Danteh" Cruz was leaving Overwatch League for the real world, the former Houston Outlaws standout isn't staying stagnant. In the past few days it's been revealed that Danteh will join the Team USA OWWC team, as well as joining the Maryville University Overwatch squad, both as a player.

Danteh will take over the vacated spot left from Overwatch League player Luka "Aspire" Rolovic. Aspire was removed from the squad after allegations of pedophilia and grooming. In the case of Maryville eSports, Danteh joins a winning squad that's tasted brief Overwatch League success earlier this year.

Danteh: OWWC time, y'all

Danteh mentioned aspirations of going to college In his goodbye post regarding his OWL retirement. In the case of Maryville eSports, the move couldn't come at a better time. With the OWL Summer Split mere weeks away we've already seen that Overwatch Contenders teams are ready to play in the big leagues.

<em>The Maryville Saints eSports team has found great success in League of Legends and Overwatch.</em>
The Maryville Saints eSports team has found great success in League of Legends and Overwatch.

The Maryville Saints took part in the Overwatch League Pro-Am West preseason tournament this year. Though they failed to escape Group B and only managed a 2-2 record, the squad still showed signs of promise. And, let's be honest: nothing adds legitimacy more than an OWL OG like Danteh.

Danteh joins a Team USA OWWC team well into a successful run. Going a strong 5-0 in qualifiers, this dream team now looks even stronger with a tempo-changing tank like Danteh. It's hard to tell if the squad will look to use Danteh in a Doomfist or Winston look. However, it would provide the team a change of pace from the more stationary, brawling play of both Super and Coluge.

While Team USA seems well on its way to victory, is Danteh enough to bring a good esports program to absolute greatness? Experience is not always available at the collegiate level of play. However, for Danteh his experience may lead to new paths and standing out in new ways.

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