A livestream from OWL streamer Custa may have revealed the next hot, new esports talent in Overwatch 2–assuming he can stop licking himself.

Esports talent is getting younger and younger with each passing year. Thus, organizations have to keep their eyes on all sorts of new avenues for potential, hot acquisitions. Well, look no further as we think the next big esports star is here: Scott "Custa" Kennedy's cat, Bo, in Overwatch 2.

The former Los Angeles Valiant support player-turned Overwatch League caster is often seen giving his feline friend the spotlight on social media. Custa spilled the beans on his secret weapon during a recent Twitch stream session of Overwatch 2. Bo must have grown tired of waiting for Custa to hit "Q" and use Tracer's Pulse Bomb, opting to do it himself.

Custa's secret weapon in Overwatch 2

Anyone that's even attempted to play Tracer knows that getting even one enemy with a Pulse Bomb is tough. Now, we have Custa's cat showing up the competition. He scores a double-kill with one of the most difficult-to-use Ultimates in Overwatch 2. Just like that. Pure skill, that cat.

The league is already taking notice, with the Overwatch League social media team pointing out the obvious: Cats look adorable in clothing.

This isn't the first time that Custa has dealt with cat-aggro on his workspace, as seen below. More to the point, anyone who owns a cat and any kind of streaming setup already knows that it's nigh impossible to keep your four-legged friend off the hardware. The pandemic was a constant stream of stories about journalists suddenly removing their pets from in front of the camera.

Bo wasn't available for comment in regards to his status for the upcoming 2023 season. In the meantime, with the exit of Danteh from the Houston Outlaws there may be a spot for a talented, young DPS player that's quick to hit Q and vomits up his own hair.

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