CATS! Blizzard survey reveals a bunch of potential Overwatch 2 skins cover image

CATS! Blizzard survey reveals a bunch of potential Overwatch 2 skins

A Blizzard survey seems to have revealed potential Overwatch 2 skins. Have you ever wanted to see the cast as cats? Well, here we go.

Haven't you always wanted the Overwatch cast to look like cats? I know that's my dream. Well, it appears an allegedly leaked Blizzard survey about potential Overwatch 2 skins might make that a reality. A Reddit post late last night from u/Transflection revealed a number of potential concept skins that may or may not come to the game.

And, honestly? All of this totally rip and are awesome. I never knew I needed BOB as a black cat butler until today. Now? I don't want anything else in my life. Go take a look at the gallery below and we'll talk about the nature of the survey.

Overwatch 2 skins: Cats, raves, and the apocalypse

According to the user who posted the survey, ""The survey basically consisted of one of these pictures and the questions being "Do you understand the theme of the skin?", "Are the skins cohesive?", "Do you play the characters that are in the images", and "Would you buy them?"

This lines up with past Blizzard surveys about the state of Overwatch. Remember, surveys aren't a surefire marker of the publisher doing something in the game. However, these very official looking skin concepts are too good to be anything but the genuine article.

The Redditor goes on to say that even more Overwatch 2 skins concepts were included. However, that batch also included ones currently in the game.

And the skins? Oh boy are these immaculate. The space Zenyatta skin alone had me reflexively reaching for my wallet. Did I mention BOB as a cat butler? Because, yeah, that's the kind of thing that awakens something in folks.

We'll just have to wait and see if any of these appear in 2024. Blizzard mentioned at BlizzCon that some of the season themes coming up were truly out of left field. Here's me hoping that means an all-cats season.

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