Could you imagine a Junker Winston?

During a recent interview with Skiesti (Overwatch content creator), Dion Rogers, the Art Director for Overwatch, revealed a few Mirrorwatch skin concepts for Vishkar Lucio and Junker Winston.

With the Mirrorwatch event already running until May 14, many fans are hoping that maybe next year, we will see some of these skin concepts come to life.

Rogers's recent interview with Skiesti reveals major skin concepts

While the Mirrorwatch event is already happening, Rogers made it very clear that there is a lot in the works for the future of Overwatch 2.

"There's no shortage of ideas for the Mirrorverse," said Rogers in his recent interview with Skiesti. "And we actually did create some ideation around Lucio as a Vishkar Agent."

Many creators have even designed concept art for a Vishkar Lucio, making fans even more hungry for the concept to come to life.

"The concept team also did a nice take on Winston as a Junker, which was pretty awesome. Kind of unexpected from Winston, but it was cool."

Rogers even took a step into the lore behind why a Junker Winston would make sense.

"In New Junk City, there are deeper factions within the Junkers. There is, kind of like, an engineering section - whatever you would think a Junker engineering section would look like. So that's where Winston landed. If Junker's had an engineer, Winston would be that guy."

This is what makes Mirrorwatch so unique, is it takes concepts that normal Overwatch would never do and brings them to life.

Watch the full interview below:

What is Mirrorwatch?

Mirrorwatch is a limited-time event that takes players into a mirrored universe, giving them new ideations of characters that many would have never dreamed of.

With changes to weapons, characters and more, Mirrorwatch is the perfect event for those looking for a "What if...?" type of situation with Overwatch 2.

Hopefully, some of these concepts Rogers spoke about in his recent interview comes to life for the next Mirrorwatch.

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