Is a croissant a portent of things to come? The old 2CP maps like Paris could be making a return to Overwatch 2. Let’s look at the evidence.

When is a croissant not simply a croissant? When it's also a portent of doom. It's no shock that the now defunct 2CP maps are divisive. Either you have fond memories of locales such as Hanamura, Volskaya, Paris, and Anubis... Or you're a normal person who was glad to see those maps removed in lieu of the new Push mode. Well, you filthy 2CP freaks might be getting your wish because Blizzard posted a French pastry that seems to tease the return of Paris to Overwatch 2.

Is this a threat or a blessing? Let's mull the various.

Paris: Overwatch 2 bound?

In a move that proved to be surprisingly controversial, Blizzard removed all of the 2CP maps at the launch of Overwatch 2. The big reason for the removal seems the most obvious: 2CP and its maps were relics from a different time. The game of Overwatch has fundamentally shifted multiple times since its launch around 2015. And with it has come a need for the maps to follow suit.

Except for 2CP. The maps featuring two control points suffered from two extreme problems. Either games on these maps were incredibly long or over in an instant. Featuring bottlenecks and long distances from the spawn points, it also meant that one death often meant failure. And in an Overwatch 2 world where each team now only has five players the loss of even a single team mate can spell disaster.

Contentious among the community at best, very few were actually sad to see the 2CP maps go. However, Blizzard did state that eventually these maps would be looked at and potentially redesigned for Overwatch 2. Paris included, sadly.

And, hey: We're willing to admit that not every post from a developer has some larger meaning. It's entirely possible that someone on the Overwatch social media team just really likes croissants.

However, this is video games. And when it comes to marketing of said video games, very rarely do vague posts not have a larger meaning. If we're right this time then it could mean the return of iconic locations like Hanamura and, yes, even Paris to Overwatch 2 sooner rather than later.

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