Best heroes to use in Battle For Olympus mode in Overwatch 2 cover image

Best heroes to use in Battle For Olympus mode in Overwatch 2

Not every hero is made equal in Battle For Olympus. Here are the best heroes to use in this Greek god-inspired game mode.

Battle For Olympus features seven Overwatch 2 heroes that have been given god-like abilities, clashing in a free-for-all deathmatch inspired by Greek mythology. But not every hero is equally powerful. Here are the heroes to use if you want to climb up the leaderboard and get exclusive prizes.

Best DPS: Hades Pharah

Hades Pharah is probably the best DPS hero — and overall hero — in Battle For Olympus. With her aerial mobility, Pharah is difficult to counter in this open map. The only counter for Pharah in the seven-hero roster is Widowmaker — but she leaves herself vulnerable if she focuses only on the skies above. On top of having no real enemies to disrupt her flight, Pharah's ultimate heals her and makes her stronger.

Best support: Hermes Lucio

Hermes Lucio is another durable hero that is difficult to hit. Lucio is quite tough to eliminate in regular Overwatch 2, but as Hermes Lucio he is almost impossible to deal with. The addition of Divine Sound Barrier gives Hermes Lucio an extra jump after leaping off a wall, making him more agile than ever. His boop will also stun enemies who hit walls. Even crazier, the 20-second-long ability also gives Hermes Lucio infinite ammo and increased attack and movement speed.

Best tank: Zeus Junker Queen

Junker Queen is the best of the four tanks available in Battle For Olympus, which is ironic since she's been consistently underwhelming in the regular game. With the addition of Divine Rampage, Junker Queen's ultimate has the chance to deal additional lightning damage during its 20-second duration. This helps Junker Queen mow down the other heroes, including hefty tanks like Cyclops Roadhog. Her axe is also a great counter to the otherwise-obnoxious Hermes Lucio.