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How to Change Your Name in Battle.Net?

Here’s how to change your battletag in the Blizzard client. Choose wisely!

Blizzard recently announced the return of McCree but not with the same name. Cole Cassidy is a part of Blizzard’s goal to remove references to real-life developers and former employees. The game developer is also offering users a one-time opportunity to change their Battle.Net name for free. 

After Blizzard’s move to change the name of the DPS character, it is understandable that several players might also want a name change. Usually, a name change costs $10, but Blizzard is allowing players a single opportunity to change their name for free. 

How to Change Name in Battle.Net?

The name-change feature is available from now till November 5. Any account that does not have a free name change available will receive a free name change. 

Players who want to change their name can do so via this form.  The name change takes approximately four weeks to process.

Update Battletag via Account Settings

Players can also update their battletag via their account settings. To do so follow these steps:

  • Go to Account Settings in the Top right corner of the Screen
  • Click on Account Details Tab
  • Scroll down to the battletag section and edit.

Players who already have a free battletag name change available will not get one more. 

This applies to anyone who does not currently have a free name change available. Existing name changes will not stack for future use.

The battletag comprises two parts, the name and the battle code. Blizzard does not usually give out free battletag changes to the community, so this is a wonderful opportunity for players. So choose your new battletags carefully. 

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