Bastion Overwatch 2 bug forces Blizzard to temporarily remove hero cover image

Bastion Overwatch 2 bug forces Blizzard to temporarily remove hero

Bastion and Torb are removed from OW2 as Blizzard fixes some game-breaking bugs.

Blizzard has had to disable two heroes - Bastion and Torbjörn in Overwatch 2 to fix some bugs associated with them.

Overwatch 2 has had a rocky start and even though Blizzard has tried to pacify the players with free skins, the list of problems it faces has not vanished. Not yet at least. 

After dealing with launch issues, Blizzard has had to remove two heroes from the Overwatch 2 lineup. Torbjörn and Bastion are no longer available to play in Overwatch as Blizzard fixes a bug that allowed Bastion to call endless ultimates on enemies.

Torbjörn’s bug is relatively weaker of the two. Quick-fingered players can essentially extend the time of their overload ability with Torbjörn. Overload briefly increases Torbjörn’s armor and impacts his attack and movement positively for some time. So while still a bug, Torbjörn was only removed from competition. The hero is still available to play in Quick Play. 

Players were able to triggerTorbjörn’s bug if they hit the overload and then at 1 second, they hit it a second time. The additional armor would stack and Torb would get a second Overload.

Where is Bastion in Overwatch 2?

When you login to the game and find a match, you might find yourself short of at least one hero. Bastion is not available in Overwatch 2 as Blizzard fixes a bug that makes the hero extremely unbalanced.

Both of these heroes are experiencing bugs that heavily impact gameplay, and we’ll share an update on them soon

Blizzard on Bastion and Torbjörn removed from the game

Using Bastion’s Artillery strike allows you to call the ultimate repeatedly. Essentially you can carpet bomb the enemy with artillery strikes, which … well make it impossible to play as Bastion’s opponent.

With Overwatch not having a ban system, removing Bastion was the only viable option for Blizzard.

Bastion has been removed from all forms of the game - including competitive, quick play and practice range. While Torbjörn is available in almost all modes except competitive, Bastion is not present anywhere. 

When will Bastion return to Overwatch 2?

For now, there is no fixed date on when Blizzard will reinstate Bastion. Blizzard has a public tracker for all problems plaguing Overwatch 2 and one of them is Bastion’s bug. Overwatch fans can track the progress of Bastion’s statue in the game here

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