Dafran excitedly announced he was signed to Atlanta Reign as a content creator just to be dropped hours later.

Atlanta Reign have signed and unsigned Daniel "Dafran" Francesca within three hours.

In a since-deleted tweet, Atlanta Reign tweeted that Dafran was returning "back home" as a content creator. The tweet included Dafran's signature "let's go, dude" catch phrase. The announcement was just in time for Overwatch 2, allowing the farmer to return to his roots as an Overwatch streamer.

Dafran initially responded to the tweet by quoting it with a bunch of hearts. The community responded, however, with mixed feelings. Some applauded his return while others brought up his questionable comments in support of Jay "sinatraa" Won after he was accused of sexually assaulting and abusing his former girlfriend.

It was clearly a controversial choice for the Overwatch League team, leading to a lot of arguments in the replies over sinatraa's innocent and Dafran's decision to condemn his ex-girlfriend.

Three hours later, Dafran had an update of his own that surprised most of his fans.

"Atlanta Reign reversed the signing. Don't hate on them. My name has some bad past written on it. It makes sense. The world does not believe I am reformed yet!" Dafran tweeted.

Many respected Dafran's mature response to the sudden change of events, encouraging him to keep trying to prove himself. But others quickly turned to condemn Atlanta Reign against his wishes, saying that the organization had "no backbone" and that it was wrong to quickly take back the offer even if they didn't like Dafran.

Atlanta Reign hasn't made any statements regarding the reversed decision, so it's currently unclear what exactly led to the Overwatch League team deciding to forgo the signing.

Dafran played Overwatch League professionally with the Atlanta Reign before he infamously quit to become a farmer. After some silence on social media, Dafran returned to make controversial statements about sinatraa, leading to a lot of backlash from the esports community.

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