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A new Overwatch 2 skin is being called “pay to lose” by competitive players cover image

A new Overwatch 2 skin is being called “pay to lose” by competitive players


A new skin for Widowmaker is being accused of being “pay to lose” in Overwatch 2. Here’s why pros are not a fan of her Medusa skin.

Overwatch 2's new event, Battle For Olympus, has been largely met with excitement from Overwatch fans. Finally getting an event that's not recycled from previous years has been refreshing, the game mode has been fun, and the cosmetics are iconic. But one skin has unfortunately been met with some concerns from gamers after noticing some possibly game-breaking flaws.
Widowmaker's Medusa skin is probably one of the most visually stunning new skins, turning Widowmaker into a dangerous goddess with snakes for hair. But using this skin may be a bad idea for competitive players.
Overwatch 2 pro Brian "Kephrii" St. Pierre was one of the first to call out the skin. On Twitter, Kephrii explained that the skin is "so loud" that players are getting punished for using it. It makes it difficult to hear approaching enemies but those enemies can also hear Medusa's snakes, making you easier to locate.
Other Overwatch pros chimed in with similar sentiments. Top Overwatch player Kayjii said that the skin made the game "even more uncompetitive." CplGoon said that this was just the latest update that had him considering if he should quit playing.
Some players, however, felt that pro players were overreacting. One player noted that it would be impossible to hear Widowmaker's snake hair if there were more people nearby, drowning out the skin's special audio with footsteps and gunfire. Another just told the pros to try "just having fun" instead of complaining about everything in Overwatch 2.
Blizzard has yet to respond to criticism of the skin but many players are hoping that developers will make some tweaks to the skin's audio.
Battle For Olympus and all of its cosmetics will be available until January 19, 2023. Until then, you can unlock Widowmaker's skin by following this guide.
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