The 2022 Summer Showdown saw dominant runs through the upper bracket for both Dallas Fuel and Shanghai Dragon.

Shanghai Dragons and the Dallas Fuel have won their respective regions in the Overwatch League Summer Showdown. Much like 2021, the two teams had a dominant performance going through the upper bracket to ultimately secure the win.

Seoul Dynasty puts up a challenge - Not enough

One of the Dragons’ biggest competitors, Seoul Dynasty had bowed out meekly earlier in the event. The 3-0 victory for Shanghai Dragons seemed to indicate a rather easy path to victory for them. After all, if Seoul Dynasty is unable to put up a challenge, then who can in the East?

But Seoul came prepared for the finals, correcting several of their positioning mistakes in the first match. Seoul Dynasty took the lead in the first map, on Oasis. Shanghai Dragons came back in the next two maps, mostly on the backs of some exceptional and aggressive performances by the team’s DPS players.

Seoul managed to bring it back in the 4th map, but was eventually unable to keep up with Shanghai's performance on the final two maps. Seoul Dynasty failed to win a single point on Busan and Circuit Royal. 

Dallas Fuel shine in the west Summer Showdown

Over on the western front, we have Dallas Fuel who have steadily improved their performance in 2022. Despite being one of the top teams in 2021, Dallas Fuel has had its fair share of struggles this year. 

The team had to face San Franciso Shock in the upper bracket finals, they defeated the Shock 3-0. The Grand Finals, a best-of-seven series saw an even more dominant Dallas Fuel take the series 4-0. 

Sp9rk1e and Edison had excellent synergy with Hanbin on Colossed. The synergy provided ample space for the supports who kept the wheel rolling for the Dallas Fuel. Overall, Dallas Fuel looked much more polished in their gameplay compared to the San Francisco Shock. 

Both Shanghai Dragons and Dallas fuel earn three League points after their Summer Showdown finish. Dallas fuel take home $75,000 while the Shanghai Dragons win $50,000. 

The next stop in the Overwatch League kicks off on September 22 with the Countdown cup.

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