There’s iPhone 15s, Valve Steam Deck and more on offer.

As players head to the Open-world of Once Human, there are already more than 15 million pre-registrations for the game. The developers have a series of rewards for players waiting in the pre-release. Here are all the Once Human Pre-Registration rewards in the game.

What are the Once Human Pre-Registration Rewards

Once Human releases on July 9, 2024 and already has several millions of players waiting for the game’s release. A big part for the massive interest in the game’s release has been the locked rewards. The developer has promised certain pre-registration rewards to users that turn in their interest before release.

Here are all the Once Human Pre-Registration rewards

  • 500k — Energy Drink*3, Energy Link*600, Grenade*3, Activator*10, Canned Lunch Meat*3, Adrenaline Shot*1, Sanity Gummy*5 (Unlocked)
  • 1M 一 Projection Generator*8, Molotov Cocktail*5, Energy Link*400 (Unlocked)
  • 2M — AKM skin Kraken*2 (Unlocked)
  • 5M — Meta Cap*1 (Unlocked)
  • 10M — Surprise Furniture*1 (Unlocked)
  • 20M — Dragon’s Grip Gloves*1 (Locked)

With 15 million pre-registration interests, the Surprise Furtnite is unlocked. There is still one more goal left for users to unlock. The Dragon’s Grip Gloves will unlock once there are more than 20 million pre-registrations. 

Win Prizes by Pre-Registering for Once Human

In addition to the above in-game cosmetics - there are also several real life prizes for pre-registrations of Once Human. Here are the Pre-Registration prizes:

  • June 17 - AMD Ryzen™ 9 7800X3D CPU! [Winner: littletomatoboy]
  • June 27 - AMD Radeon™ RX 7900 Series GPU! [Winner: aprileostre]
  • July 7 - AMD Radeon™ RX 7900 Series GPU!
  • July 8 - iPhone 15 Pro Max 256G!
  • July 9 - Valve Steam Deck!

There’s still time for users to join in and pre-register for the game. It’s free to pre-register, so why not try your luck. 

The game has a very low minimum system requirement which means players from all over the world can easily play the game without any problems. While there are recommended system settings that will ensure smooth gameplay,  

Stay tuned to for the latest Once Human news and updates.