Here’s if you can play Once Human with your friends from another console.

Once Human will feature cross-platform play across PC, iOS, and Android devices when it launches globally.

Post-apocalyptic multiplayer open-world survival game Once Human is set to make waves upon its release on July 9. With its unique blend of survival mechanics, strategic gameplay, and an immersive world teeming with both friends and foes, it's no wonder gamers are eagerly anticipating this title.

Is Once Human exclusive to any platform?

No, Once Human is not exclusive to any single platform. It is available to a wider audience by being available on PC, iOS, and Android and ensuring players from various gaming backgrounds can join in on the fun.

Once Human's cross-platform play functionality will enable players to unite with friends, regardless of their chosen device. This inclusive feature is set to make the game more engaging and accessible, ensuring no one gets left out of the action.

By opting to support crossplay, the developers of Once Human are expanding the game's reach and enhancing its community-driven elements. Players can team up across platforms to fight enemies, compete for precious resources, build territories, and uncover the intricate plot woven within its post-apocalyptic world.

Game Insights and Features

For the uninitiated, Once Human sets players in a post-apocalyptic landscape where survival is paramount. Players can expect to encounter multiple factions, such as Rosetta, Blackfell, Vulture, Guerilla, and Mayfly. As they navigate the world, they will face various monstrous enemies, including the Wanderer, Arachsiam, and Treant.

The game places a significant emphasis on player cooperation and strategy, offering a rich variety of features. Weapon customization will allow players to tailor their combat experience, while house building lets them establish safe havens amidst the chaos. The exploration aspect promises to reveal human settlements, each governed by different factions with unique dynamics and challenges.

A beta test was conducted to fine-tune the gaming experience, leading up to the highly anticipated global release. Feedback from the beta has been crucial in polishing the game, ensuring it meets player expectations and delivers a high-quality survival experience.

When can we play the full game?

Once Human is primed for a worldwide release on July 9. Enthusiastic gamers should mark their calendars, as this title is poised to be a standout in the multiplayer survival genre. Prepare to dive into a world where every decision matters, alliances can be crucial, and enemies lurk around every corner.

Once Human, a post-apocalyptic multiplayer open-world survival game, offers players a platform to band together, combat threats, and carve out their territories. Featuring weapon customization, house building, and the exploration of diverse factions, the game promises a rich and engaging experience. Whether you're on PC, iOS, or Android, the cross-platform play ensures you'll never face the end of the world alone.

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