Steam Deck to officially launch on February 25th! cover image

Steam Deck to officially launch on February 25th!

If you pre-ordered one for yourself, the wait is nearly over.

Gaming on the go has been a widely appreciated asset for a while now, but it seems that Nintendo is the only company that has utilized its potential. The Nintendo Switch has filled family homes for the past four years now, but the Steam Deck is ready to take its place.

Steam took to Twitter today to announce the official release date of the Steam Deck. This announcement has excited PC gamers throughout the world.

When can I get my Steam Deck?

Not everyone is going to be able to get their hands on this device immediately. There is a catch when ordering yourself a Steam Deck. Steam is having buyers pre-order the device on their website for the low price of $5.00. This price does not guarantee you a prompt delivery though.

After preordering your device, you have to wait for an official email from Steam. Only a select amount of emails will be sent out on February 25th, and buyers will have only three days to respond with their payment, or else they lose their spot in line.

This form of selling is meant to help combat extreme backorders, which have been seen with consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Since Steam is planning on giving preorders out slowly, we will see quite a few fewer scalpers selling Steam Decks online.

What Games Will Be Available On Release?

Steam recently took to YouTube to announce how their gaming compatibility will integrate a user's Steam library into their Steam Deck, and it is not as compatible as you were hoping.

As of now, the Deck does not have a wide range of games that will be compatible at the start of its release. This being said, games will slowly be verified throughout the coming months. Large games such as Apex Legends and Fall Guys will unfortunately not be available at the time of release.

Fortunately for gamers, there are still quite a bit of popular games that will be attending the release. Games such as Stardew Valley, Valheim, and Terraria will be available to game on-the-go.

With the release of the Steam Deck, it leaves us wondering, what innovative invention is next for the gaming world?