Certain third party applications may interfere with the overall gameplay experience. It’s recommended to close these apps.

Ubisoft has revealed Rainbow Six Siege will be going down for maintenance as the developer gears up for the next patch update. Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2.2 will bring several bug fixes and improvements. Here’s all that’s new and fixed in the Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2.2 patch notes.

Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2.2 Patch Notes


  • FIXED - Deadzone sensitivity doesn't apply calibration properly.
  • FIXED - Operators can melee through Shields.

Level Design

  • FIXED - Drones can clip inside the wall located in EXT Valley on the Border map.


  • FIXED - Ying's Candela ability has a low level of detail when held close to the operator.

User Experience

The following user experience errors have been fixed in the Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2.2 Patch update.

  • Drone's red scan ping doesn't display on Player's UI during preparation phase.
  • Dynamic play button text for Matchmaking is duplicated in the upper-left corner.
  • Some reticules for OTs-03 aren't affected by optic color and opacity changes.
  • Players can accept invites to ongoing custom online sessions.
  • "Unlock with operator Specialties" option is available after unlocking a pathfinder Operator with renown.
  • Hiding completed challenges can't be toggled by selecting the box under the Challenges tab.
  • Players can't scroll through the Battle Pass after accessing the Challenges tab.


  • FIXED - Missing SFX when drones are destroyed while in support mode during the end of the round.

Most of the updates deal with fixing existing errors and ensuring a better and smoother gameplay experience for Rainbow Six Siege users. The developers have also acknowledged that using certain third-party applications could interfere with the game’s operations. These third-party applications cause the game to crash on startup, which prevents users from playing with their friends. While they are working on a solution, for now, their recommendation is to simply end task for any third-party application that might be causing interference.

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