Fortnite to add Lightsabers back into the game just before May 4 cover image

Fortnite to add Lightsabers back into the game just before May 4

The popular battle royale is once again teaming up with Star Wars to bring lightsabers back into the game.

The most popular battle royale in the world is back at it again with another Star Wars collaboration. Twitter page "Fortnite News," announced that Fortnite is planning on bringing back Lightsabers on May 3 (one day before Star Wars day). Fortnite News are notorious for having all the latest Fortnite leaks.

Everything you need to know about the Fortnite Lightsaber collaboration

Just in time for May 4, Fortnite is once again adding the iconic Star Wars weapon back into the game. This is an exciting addition since the lightsabers were incredibly well-received when last included within the game two years ago.

Players will be able to roam the map looking for chests that may contain the popular sword from a galaxy far far away. When found, players will be able to use elegant weapons from a more civilized time to fight off other players in hopes of winning that special 'Victory Royale.'

Fortnite has included a vast range of popular Star Wars characters' Lightsabers including Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, and more. This allows players to choose whether they want to join the dark side or the light side of the force.

The duration of how long lightsabers will be included back within the game is currently unknown.

May the fourth be with you

It has also been leaked that Fortnite plans on hosting a cup on May 3 that is affiliated with Star Wars. Whether this cup will be for money, or for a popular cosmetic, is currently unknown.

Will we see any new Star Wars skins brought to the shop with this addition? It is not too far out there to expect something new. We already know Star Wars is releasing their new show 'Kenobi' at the end of this month. So perhaps something related to the show?

Whether or not you play Fortnite for the competition, or just for the fun of it, players of all sorts are looking forward to tomorrow's addition of Lightsabers!