Former Chinese-exclusive mobile RPG Street Fighter: Duel to release in February cover image

Former Chinese-exclusive mobile RPG Street Fighter: Duel to release in February

Is 2023 the year of Street Fighter? The mobile RPG Street Fighter: Duel will release in February and we have the details.

Initially released in early 2020 as an exclusive to the Chinese mobile game market, the long-awaited mobile RPG Street Fighter: Duel will release in the west in February. Similar to the mobile RPG The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Online, Street Fighter: Duel is a card-based action-RPG. However, the real selling point here is the deep roster, as characters such as Rufus, Hakan, Abel, and more all make their return to the streets.

Players can pre-register for the game by either going to the Apple Store or Google Play.

Street Fighter: the RPG?

Featuring single-player gameplay and a story mode, Street Fighter: Duel will look unlike any other game in the series with its release next month. The active-action combat will see players beat up baddies in iconic Street Fighter locales and chaining special attacks into big, flashy combo moves.

Terry Li, General Manager of Crunchyroll Games and Senior Vice President of Emerging Business, Crunchyroll said in an interview with IGN, “We’re excited to collaborate with Capcom to bring Street Fighter: Duel and its incredible roster of iconic fighters to anime and gaming fans alike.”

In addition to its single-player content, Street Fighter: Duel will also feature multiplayer hooks upon release. A guild system is in place, in addition to battle modes, PVP content, daily leaderboards, and more.

In addition to the thrilling PVP and PVE gameplay, the game also offers daily and weekly events, where players can compete for exclusive rewards and climb leaderboards. Log in every day for rewards and exclusive characters and skins, such as Chun-Li Vigilante.

The year of Street Fighter

2023 is shaping up to be a major year for the Street Fighter franchise. The Capcom Pro Tour coming to a conclusion next month with its final Street Fighter V event. And, of course Street Fighter 6 looms on the horizon as Capcom hopes to take back its FGC crown. Will all this synergy pay off? Only time will tell.

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