The Florida Mutineers roster has been announced. Can a rookie be the answer to their woes?

The Florida Mutineers roster has been revealed for the 2022 CDL season. The roster will consist of returning players; Havok, Skyz and Owakening. They will also be joined by Challengers star Davpadie and substitute player Yeez.

A familiar Florida Mutineers roster hopes to turn things around

The "new" Florida Mutineers roster looks very similar to last season. Veterans Havok, Skyz and Owakening will be joined by a new rookie this season in Davpadie.

Modern Warfare was a very up and down season for Florida. They entered the season with minimal expectations from fans, and even casters. However, a second place finish in the second event shocked everyone around the league. They then followed up that solid start by winning three out of the next five events. 

Their surprise wins put them right into the top tier conversation. Their impressive run came to an end after their win at the Paris Home Series. They failed to reach a grand finals again, and finished an underwhelming 7th-8th and the Call of Duty World Championship. 

Cold War was certainly a tough season for the Mutineers. It began with the tragic death of Fero, a young, budding superstar on the team and in the league. So some changes had to be made. Although, they continued to plummet. Their best Major result was a 5th-6th finish at the Stage 3 Major and their best group stage finish was 3rd-4th, just once. 

Expectations for 2022

Despite the struggles for nearly a season and a half, Florida continues to stick with its core. Skyz and Havok have been rostered since day one, while Owakening joined in early 2020. When the switch was made to Cold War, the Mutineers never gave anyone a reason to think they could compete for majors. They struggled immensely all season long and there is no reason to think any different for this season.

AR Player Skyz
AR Player Skyz

They will however be adding Davpadie to this Florida Mutineers roster. The young player has a short, but impressive resume. He won two NA Challengers Open events during his true rookie season in Challengers. It is hard to doubt the impact he can make on the team, considering what fans saw out of rookies just this past season. But the question remains; Is he the piece that turns this Florida Mutineers roster around?

Perhaps familiarity is the thought process of Florida for this season. It’ll be interesting to see if Coach Willet will have anything up his sleeve for this year.