Which teams will come out on top in the Northeast and Southeast?

CCL 2023 Regional Playoffs have arrived. 96 Teams will be competing for a spot at the LAN Grand Finals in June. The #1 team will secure their spot at LAN, while 2, 3, and 4 will compete next weekend for a spot of their own.  First, we take a look at who could emerge in the Northeast and Southeast Regions.

Shady - Western Esports
Shady - Western Esports

Fisher College and Farmingdale a clear-cut top 2?

It is no secret that the #3 ranked Fisher College is likely the favorite to punch their ticket to LAN on Sunday. The team consisting of high-level amateur players and a World Champion came into the season with high expectations. So far, they have yet to disappoint with their undefeated 11-0 season. Fisher as it stands is the clear-cut best team in the Northeast division and likely will not have any trouble making their way to LAN. Farmingdale will likely be the team to give them the hardest time and possibly even steal a map.

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The aforementioned Farmingdale State College is expecting to be right there with Fisher this weekend. Being on the opposite side of the bracket, Fisher has a favorable run to the winner’s finals, securing a top 4 seed, guaranteeing them for qualifier matches next weekend. However, despite finishing the CCL season in second, the team has struggled at certain points and have shown questionable blemishes in their game. This has raised some questions about the team and has left the community scratching their heads at times. At their peak, FSC are a real force in the league. It remains to be seen what version of Farmingdale the competition will see this weekend.

CCL 2023 Regional Playoffs Northeast Dark Horse Pick: Western University

The school based out of London, ON Canada, has had a rollercoaster-type season. After failing to qualify for Division 1, Western had to march their way through Division 2 and obtain the #13 seed. In reality, this is a team that should have been battling for the fourth or fifth seed for regional playoffs. Their performance at the GameArena Columbus LAN was a glimpse of their potential, taking down #16 Akron and finishing in the Top 6.

Western’s bracket can play out so well if they bring their A-game this weekend. A round 2 matchup would be their toughest against #24 Rutgers, but a win could push them right to the winner's semis against Fisher. Even with a loss, they would be right on the cusp of a top 4.

The battle of UofNA and Mars Hill

This may be the one division in the CCL where there is a tossup between the top 2 teams. #4 University of North America and #5 Mars Hill will be battling to see who will clinch their LAN spot this weekend. The two top 5 teams were set to meet earlier in the season. Due to some circumstances, UofNA had to forfeit and Mars Hill was awarded the win and first place in the Southeast. 

It can be easy to favor UofNA purely based off of the prominence within the Challengers scene and rightfully so. Although, with Mars Hill’s recent success. It is hard not to think that this team has a chance to beat the #4 seed come Sunday. Either way, it will be one of the most anticipated matches of the season.

CCL 2023 Regional Playoffs Southeast Dark Horse Pick: Newberry College

#15 James Madison and #21 Louisiana State and #17 Florida Gulf Coast all seem like obvious choices here. All 3 of those teams have the ability to beat each other, but so does #23 Newberry College. Newberry has been riddled with inconsistencies all year long. They have also shown really promising performances mixed in there too. SMG Slayer Freaky had acknowledged these inconsistencies but also mentioned the ability of every player when playing at a high level within the team. Their 3-0 of #14 Ohio State on LAN was a perfect example of what they are capable of. 

Newberry will have to play either #17 FGCU, a team that they have had two major battles against, or #21 LSU, who beat them earlier in the year in four games. It will be a tough road for this team, but they certainly have the ability to reach the top 4. 

You can find the brackets for the Northeast and Southeast here!