Become Legends announces their return to Fortnite just in time for Gamers8 cover image

Become Legends announces their return to Fortnite just in time for Gamers8

The popular esports team “Become Legends” has officially made their return to Fortnite after leaving the game only months ago.

Become Legends shook the world of Fortnite back in 2022 when their two players, Setty and Kam, took home first place in the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational. But soon after, the organization announced its leave from the Battle Royale, surprising fans worldwide.

Now, just in time for the start of the Gamers8 $2,000,000 Fortnite LAN event in Saudi Arabia, Become Legends announces their official return to competitive Fortnite. Here are the details.

Become Legends makes their return to Fortnite, signing 3 new competitive players

The entire competitive Fortnite fanbase was astounded when Become Legends announced their departure from the scene months back. Epic Games had held out from really doing anything with orgs, causing many of them to leave the game due to financial reasons.

Even teams like NRG and TNA were among the many that left the competitive Fortnite scene.

But now, teams are looking to make their return. The Fortnite space is in one of its strongest upswings. The Gamers8 $2,000,000 LAN event began this weekend, and multiple teams are signing players left and right.

Why is that though?

Well, Gamers8 has offered a prize pool not only to the players, but to the organizations having players compete as well. This is a huge incentive for teams to sign competitive Fortnite players. What makes this even crazier, is the fact that the competition is Zero Builds, a game mode that has risen to heavy popularity over the last year.

So did Become Legends sign three new competitive Fortnite players simply for a crack at this Gamers8 prize pool? Or were they planning on returning all along?

Become Legends has returned to the scene for Gamers8

Whether or not the team is making a comeback indefinitely or just for Gamers8 is undetermined, but it should be pointed out that all three of the new players signed are competing in this weekend's LAN in Saudi Arabia.

The three new players, Mikson, Vanyak3k and Karmy, have proven themselves in past tournaments as to why they'd be the perfect pickup for Become Legends. Some question whether or not the team is only back for a tournament such as this weekend's, but with Gamers8 leading the stride, it is quite possible we will see more tournaments like this in the future. This leaves a great opportunity for the competitive Fortnite scene to pull in new organizations.

It was always a damper on the scene when a big org would leave the space. It was just not profitable to be paying for all these Fortnite players when Epic never gave anything in return. Gamers8 are making quite a leap within the community with what they are doing.

Let's hope it starts a trend.

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