Ride your horse to the old town road and run Chris Jericho over with it, as AEW Fight Forever prepares for the launch of its own Fortnite-alike mode.

Apparently the now defunct pro wrestling battle royale game Rumbleverse walked so that AEW Fight Forever could run. Announced earlier today via a trailer, it appears that a AEW Fight Forever Battle Royale mode is coming to the newly released arcade wrestling game in the form of Stadium Stampede.

Yes, that does sound weird. It also sounds awesome. And, hey: It's going to be free and ready for 30 player action. Get ready to drop into the backstage bar, throw Chris Jericho through a goalpost, and run Sammy Guevara over with a golf cart as many times as your heart desires.

Let's take a look and figure out what we know about this out-of-left field announcement.

AEW Fight Forever Battle Royale coming soon

For those of you out of the loop, let's talk about the Stadium Stampede match. One of the hallmark matches of the AEW brand, it first appeared at Double or Nothing 2020. Taking place within the entire confines of the empty Jacksonville Jaguars football stadium, this ridiculous bit of wrestling ephemera between The Inner Circle and Elite remains one of the most entertaining bits of wrassling in the last decade.

This match was especially important, as it came during the "pandemic" era of wrestling when empty venues were the norm and both AEW and WWE were trying their hardest to create memorable matches.

And now, AEW Fight Forever is channeling that manic energy in the form of a 30 player Battle Royale mode.

Did we mention it's going to be free?

The release trailer highlights just an absolute mess of weapons, features, and things happening on the screen all at once. There's a minimap highlighting the arena, a horse to use as a weapon, a ring in the middle of this massive stadium, and more. And guns, apparently? Or at least "a gun." This may actually be the perfect reveal trailer as it leaves me with so many questions and absolutely wanting to know more.

Will it work as a concept? Who cares. I honestly think this is one of the more bold takes a game with nothing to lose could potentially go after. At the least, I will be there on day one to run the Young Bucks over with a horse.

We'll have more information on the Stadium Stampede AEW Fight Forever Battle Royale mode as it becomes available. Until then, think about where you want to drop in.

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