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Mortal Kombat 1: All confirmed stages

Here’s an idea of where you’ll be battling numerous opponents in Mortal Kombat 1.

Less than a month remains until Mortal Kombat 1 launches worldwide. The anticipation is more significant than ever, with various reimagined characters and an entirely new universe created by the Fire God Liu Kang. In addition to familiar combatants, Mortal Kombat 1 brings an array of iconic stages to the table.

While NetherRealm has yet to show every stage, we have compiled a list of confirmed battlegrounds thus far.

All confirmed Mortal Kombat 1 stages

Many of Mortal Kombat's unique stages over the years have become as memorable as the characters in the universe. Who could forget The Pit, The Dead Pool, and Shang Tsung's Courtyard? These environments forged many lifetime gamers with stunning visuals and brutal stage fatalities.

We expect nothing less in Mortal Kombat 1. One stage confirmed to return in the new installment is the Living Forest, and more are sure to follow.

Here is a complete list of each stage and a description of each per NetherRealm Studios:

  • The Hourglass
  • Temple of Katara Vala
  • The Pyramid

Tomb of the Dragon Army (Dormant/Active)

The Dragon Army was buried with Emperor Ying to protect him in the afterlife. Now, it's being reawakened to serve nefarious purposes.

Those who tread the dormant tomb, beware. Those who enter when it's active, pray for a swift death.

The Gateway (Night/Dusk)

Built by evil forces, the Gateway allows the quick transport of armies among realms. For the timeline to survive, it must be destroyed.

As the sun descends, an ominous chill surrounds the portal. By night, an air of pure evil can be felt.

Treasure Chamber (Smelter On/Off)

The Ying dynasty's great riches were so well hidden, they were forgotten to history. Recently rediscovered, they are now being pillaged.

When active, the smelter's warm glow provides a comforting heat by which to make off with ill-gotten wealth.

Tarkatan Colony (Day/Night)

Those sick with Tarkat are banished to the Wastelands. Having no one but themselves to rely on, they band together in colonies to survive.

The dwellings of the colonies evoke a sense of rugged beauty. Come nightfall the population gathers to maintain strong communal ideals.

The Flesh Pits (Experiments On/Off)

Hidden from prying eyes, here Shang Tsung pursues his true vocation: the merger of science and dark magic to achieve mastery over death.

The experiments below were never meant to be seen by the faint of heart. Active or not, they are truly an abomination to behold.

Ying Fortress (Dawn/Snow)

Built in 210 BCE, the fortress was abandoned when the Ying dynasty fell. Its walls remained haunted by the souls who died defending it.

Heavy snowfall keeps the fortress shrouded from all but the most daring intruders, but the bold are rewarded with dawn's serene glow.

The Great Hall (Afternoon/Day)

Capital city of Outworld and home to Empress Sindel's palace, Sun Do is a grand melting pot of the realm's cultures and races.

By day, Sun Do is bustling with crowds. By night, the most spectacular display can be seen for miles.

Sun Do (Night/Day)

Capital city of Outworld and home to Empress Sindel's palace, Sun Do is a grand melting pot of the realm's cultures and races.

By day, Sun Do is bustling with crowds. By night, the most spectacular display can be seen for miles.

Cage Mansion (Sunset/Night)

Johnny's Malibu dreamhouse sports stunning views and top-notch amenities. It's one of a kind and the ultimate chick magnet.

Anyone in Johnny's entourage knows the real parties start at sunset and last well into the night.

Wu Shi Academy (Day/Evening)

For centuries, the Shaolin have trained at the Wu Shi. Its quiet, contemplative atmosphere nurtures thoughtful minds and open hearts.

Students of the Wu Shi Academy train all day, and well into the evening, always eager for more opportunities to hone their skills.

The Fire Temple (Night/Early Dawn)

Home to Earthrealm's Protector, Liu Kang, the Fire Temple welcomes both the pious and the sinful as they seek the Elder Gods' enlightenment. From the early dawn until deep into the night, the temple is open to all who visit.

The Tea House (Day/Night)

The Tea House is Fengjian's heart and soul. Villagers gather here to relax, gossip, and enjoy Madam Bo's homestyle cookery.

Whether you're starting your day, or winding down at night, the Tea House has a special blend made just for you.

Living Forest (Day/Storm)

A place of transcendant beauty, the Living Forest embodies peace and calm. Its trees house the souls of Outworld's honored dead.

Illuminated by the sun, the forest is a masterpiece of nature. But a particular magnificence can be found during its frequent rainstorms.

Corrupted Forst (Night/Day)

When bombarded by dark magic, the Living Forest is horrifically corrupted. The souls residing within it will never again rest in peace.

In the sunlit hours, the Corrupted Forest is foreboding enough. Come nightfall, all hope is lost.

Hanging Gardens (Day/Night)

The heart of Sindel's palace is its lavish hanging gardens. Vast, lush, and exquisitely manicured, they are one of Outworld's grand wonders.

As beautiful at night as they are in the day, Empress Sindel welcomes all visitors.

Shang Tsung's Lab (Overcast/Dawn)

Modest and welcoming, the laboratory paints Shang Tsung as he wishes to be seen: a kind and good-hearted sorcerer.

Choose to fight during the break of day or under the haze of a gray overcast.

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