These players have extra motivation to do their best. What MK1 characters/kameos help them?

The MK1 Final Kombat event is right around the corner: it happens on June 15-16. Those who couldn’t qualify for the main event yet, have one last chance on the Final Kombat Last Chance Qualifier on June 14. While the Mortal Kombat 1 tournament at DreamHack Dallas 2024 has no direct connection to the official league, it still features some strong competitors who may have a chance at the LCQ — and then, the Final Kombat 2024.

It’s interesting to highlight the intense MK1 DreamHack Dallas 2024 matches and see who succeeded at the event. It’s practically useful to check out what Mortal Kombat 1 characters and kameo fighters were taken to the matches, so we all can know who to play to win. All this info is here, on!

DreamHack Dallas 2024 Mortal Kombat 1 Results

After two pools, the top 8 players proceeded to the final brackets. On a side note, no Final Kombat participants and almost no top players from Combo Breaker 2024 participated in these fights. Is it a good idea to save your energy two weeks before an important tournament? Or is it still a lost opportunity for extra training?

The top 8 recap

KingGambler has pretty good results in many online tournaments, and it’s nice to see him playing offline. In the NA qualifiers, the main qualifying series, KingGambler couldn’t reach the grand final. At the Mortal Kombat 1 DreamHack Dallas 2024 tournament, the player used his main character, Johnny Cage, taking Khameleon and Goro as kameo fighters.

That combination brought victory in the semi-final against Reptile/Scorpion of Oscargonzalez616 and then in the winners final against Mileena/Khameleon and Rain/Janet Cage of Vyletz.2ez also performs decently in online tournaments, but he could not do that during the Final Kombat qualifiers.

Quite interestingly, 2ez played the recently added character and kameo: Ermac and Janet Cage. His first match on the loser's side vs Krytis was super close, but then, 2ez defeated a few opponents seemingly easily. After this great run, 2ez reached the grand final.

Grand Final

The fight here was intense, and 2ez had some good moments, but KingGambler found openings and land combos somewhat better.

KingGambler won 3:0 and celebrated victory at MK1 DreamHack Dallas 2024. Congratulations!

MK1 top 8 brackets at DreamHack Dallas 2024 (image via
MK1 top 8 brackets at DreamHack Dallas 2024 (image via

Placements and MK1 characters/kameos at DreamHack Dallas 2024

MK1 character/kameo
1Damascus Gaming | KingGamblerJohnny Cage/Khameleon; Johnny Cage/Goro
2QoR Gaming | 2ezErmac/Janet Cage
3VyletzMileena/Goro; Mileena/Khameleon; Rain/Janet Cage; Tanya/Goro 
5-6SemiijMileena/Kung Lao
7-8Rez_BigzoKitana/Janet Cage
7-8KrytisReptile/Janet Cage; Johnny Cage/Khameleon

We will follow matches at the Last Chance Qualifier and at the Final Kombat event itself. Stay tuned to for everything about Mortal Kombat 1!