Wild Rift announces a $500,000 prize pool for the Horizon Cup cover image

Wild Rift announces a $500,000 prize pool for the Horizon Cup

Buckle up, Wild Rift fans! We will be seeing a $500, 000 USD prize pool for the Horizon Cup.

Riot Games’ mobile MOBA title, League of Legends: Wild Rift will be holding its first-ever global tournament, the 2021 Horizon Cup in November. Earlier this month, Wild Rift announced the location of the tournament to be in Singapore. In a video posted on its official YouTube channel recently, Head of Wild Rift esports, Leo Faria disclosed the tournament's prize pool to the community.

The Horizon Cup will have a $500,000 USD prize pool

The crowning event of Wild Rift esports this year, the 2021 Horizon Cup is approaching soon! Wild Rift is steadily releasing details for its upcoming tournament and in its recent YouTube upload, Leo Faria announced the $500,000 prize pool for the event.

“The top ten teams will compete for a $500,000 prize pool and the glory of being the first team to win an international Wild Rift esports competition.”

Leo Faria

The Horizon Cup will have 10 teams competing for the coveted title. Five teams have successfully booked their slots to the tournament and another five teams are on their way. Here are the confirmed teams for the Horizon Cup;

  • Da Kun Gaming - China
  • KT Rolster - South Korea
  • Team Queso - Europe
  • Sengoku Gaming - Japan
  • eBRO Gaming - South America

These ongoing regional tournaments will decide the next five teams;

The Horizon Cup will be held in a span of eight days, commencing on 13th November until 21st November 2021. The venue of the event will be in Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre located in Singapore. 

So far, the broadcast talent, format, and prize pool distribution of the tournament have not yet been revealed. However, we do know that there will be extra awards for MVPs (both team and player) in divided categories.

There will be awards for MVPs in the upcoming 2021 Horizon Cup
There will be awards for MVPs in the upcoming 2021 Horizon Cup

Fans and players are definitely excited about the upcoming global tournament. However, do note that the 2021 Horizon Cup is not considered a first world championship for Wild Rift, though it will be a crowning event for 2021. The official competitive season for Wild Rift will kick off next year in 2022.

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