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When is the M5 Pass end date?

Find out the M5 Pass end date and details of the Yu Zhong figurine shipping process here!

The M5 season is approaching its end. With the M5 World Championship recently closing its curtains, we'll also soon see the end of the M5 Pass season. Find out the M5 Pass end date below. We have also included details about the Yu Zhong figurine shipping process for those of you who have reached the maximum M5 Pass level.

M5 Pass end date

The M5 Pass will end on December 31st, 2023 in UTC timezone. The M5 Pass likely expires right before midnight at the brink of the new year.

In SGT (Singapore timezone), we estimate that it will end on January 1, 2024 at 7:59 AM. From the time of writing there are still three more days before the M5 Pass expires.

Yu Zhong figurines will be shipped out after M5 Pass ends

Moonton will begin shipping out the exclusive Yu Zhong figurine once the M5 Pass expires.<br>(Image via Moonton)
Moonton will begin shipping out the exclusive Yu Zhong figurine once the M5 Pass expires.
(Image via Moonton)

If you have achieved the maximum level for your M5 Pass, then congratulations, you have earned yourself a Yu Zhong real life figurine! You can submit your address to the Figurine Info Collection page which will be available once the M5 Pass ends. Moonton will then ship out the figurine to your doorstep.

There may be shipping issues that prevents you from getting your figurine. These problems include a force majeure in your region such as COVID that stops the shipping process. Some regions also require customs duties payment that you will need to settle. If you paid for the customs duties, you can provide your proof of payment to Moonton and receive equal compensation in the form of Diamonds.

Another problem could also be that your country is not in Moonton's list.

Moonton will only ship out the Yu Zhong figurine to these countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, China Germany, South Korea, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, India, Brazil, and Russia.

If any of these problems occur and you can't get the Yu Zhong figurine, Moonton will give you 3000 Diamonds for compensation.

If you have yet to reach the maximum level, you have two more days to work on the M5 Pass. Make sure to participate in Mobile Legends in-game events to get additional M5 Pass levels!

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