When is Mobile Legends Season 30 end date? cover image

When is Mobile Legends Season 30 end date?

Mobile Legends Season 31 is around the corner and it’ll bring an exclusive Faramis skin among other updates!

Every three months, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) enters a new Ranked season where it rewards those who have reached a certain Rank. The game is currently at Season 30 and will soon hop onto the new Season 31.

Alongside a reset to the Ranked season, Season 31 will also see the arrival of Mobile Legends' newest hero, Cici, and a new design for the Ranked medals. More details below!

Mobile Legends Season 30 end date

Mobile Legends Season 30 will end on December 22, 2023 at 23:59:59 server time. After the season ends, Moonton will take two hours to kickstart Season 31 which will start at 02:00:00 server time.

Note that the Mobile Legends server time follows the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) timezone. You can find Mobile Legends' server time on the upper-right corner of the screen in Settings.

Here are the Mobile Legends Season 30 end time/ Season 31 start time for other timezones:

  • 07:59:59 SGT / 09:00:00 SGT (next day)
  • 18:59:59 EST / 20:00:00 EST

What's teased inside Mobile Legends Season 31

Moonton has released a quick preview to the upcoming Season 31 and also the upcoming 1.8.44 patch on its YouTube channel. Here are all the upcoming content!

New hero, Cici

For more info about Cici in MLBB, click below!

The upcoming Season 31 in Mobile Legends will be the fourth season of this year. Alongside updates to the Ranked season, we'll also celebrate the arrival of Cici, Mobile Legends' newest hero!

Cici, the Buoyant Performer, will be Mobile Legends' 123rd hero in the game. She is a Fighter that exudes plenty of physical damage while also holding the ability to heal herself in battle. Initially, Cici was scheduled to arrive on December 23, simultaneously with the new Ranked season.

However, an in-game notice alerted players that her addition to the game has been indefinitely delayed. Moonton is usually quick with these fixes so we can expect Cici to still arrive soon!

A reward for Mythic players: How to get the Faramis "Infernal Magister" Mythic skin

To get the exclusive Faramis "Infernal Magister" skin, you must reach the Mythic rank in all three prior seasons this year and also by the end of Season 30. This means, you must be a Mythic rank throughout the end of all seasons in 2023 to grab this reward.

A new look to Ranked medals

And last but not least, we'll see a revamped look to the Ranked badges. The badges are still the same but it is now sleek and polished. Not only will the badges rock a new design, the animations to rank promotions are also upgraded.

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