Arclight no more, Blizzard’s mobile PVP Clash Royale competitor Warcraft Rumble has a new name, a pre-registration page, and HOGGER!

If you were wondering when we'd hear more about Blizzard's new mobile game Warcraft Arclight Rumble then you're in luck. As it turns out, the name of the game is now just Warcraft Rumble AND we've got a pre-registration infodump. The change was announced today by the publisher via Blue Post and reveals that the game isn't quite there in regards to release.

However, that doesn't mean we don't know anything about this new Clash Royale-alike. If this is your first view of Warcraft Rumble then the chibiness of it all might be scary. However, as a long-time Warcraft stan I can say with assurance that I'm more than ready to get a cute, tiny version of Hogger onto my phone.

Let's look at what else there is to know.

How do I pre-register for Warcraft Rumble on mobile?

As of right now there are two platforms and three ways to pre-register for Warcraft Rumble on mobile devices. If you already have a Battle-Net account then you can register that way, as no matter what you'll have to tie that account to your platform of choice. However and as usual, it boils down to Apple versus Google Play.

Okay, so what IS this game?

Featuring both PvE and PVP play, Warcraft Rumble is a vertical-screen tactics game where players deploy units while also defending their own towers. Much like Clash Royale, you'll assemble figures of famous Warcraft characters to take the field, auto-attacking as they march forward.

However--and much like its RTS roots--you'll also gather resources with minions to supply your army with the power to attack and defend. This will, in turn, let you capture guard towers along the expansive map so that you can keep pressing inward. In many ways it's like a top-down, mobile version of the Alterac Valley Battleground in World of Warcraft.

Some features:

  • Collect Warcraft Minis: Collect more than 65 unique Warcraft Minis, including Leaders & Spells. Each Mini has unique abilities you’ll use to counter enemy Troops—mix and match Minis to form your strategy.
  • Level Up Your Army: After each battle, you'll gain experience and level up your Minis. Level up to unlock the ability to use game-changing talents!
  • Unlock New Challenges: Multiple modes include Heroic Campaign, Arclight Surge, and Dungeons!

Honestly, this looks fun. Look for more information as a release date gets closer (or appears at all). We'll have all the info you need at that point. Also: Dibs on all the murloc figures.

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