Ultimate Warrior Showdown puts up $90,000 for Asia Invitational warfare cover image

Ultimate Warrior Showdown puts up $90,000 for Asia Invitational warfare

The Ultimate Warrior Showdown will see 16 teams compete in PUBG Mobile for a whopping $90,000. The 3 day event is run by Esports Fight Club.

Esports Fight Club (EFC) will join forces with PUBG Mobile for an upcoming event entitled: Ultimate Warrior Showdown (UWS): PUBG Mobile Asia Invitational. The event will take place from 5th-7th July and field 16 invited pro teams from 14 different countries.

The prizepool for the event is a staggering $90,000, with the final top 12 in the standings all to receive a reward for their efforts. A first place finish at the Ultimate Warrior Showdown will secure the winning team $27,000.

Esports Fight Club is a reward-based platform, and this is the fourth instalment of the Ultimate Warrior Showdown. The first UWS took place in October 2020 with a modest $15,000.

Ultimate Warrior Showdown participating teams

  • JoinMe Yellow (Cambodia)
  • Orange Esports (Cambodia)
  • RSG MY (Malaysia)
  • Bigetron RA (Indonesia)
  • Demigod Incognito (Philippines)
  • Eagle Esports (Vietnam)
  • FaZe Clan (Thailand)
  • The Infinity (Thailand)
  • XB Blood Legion (Bangladesh)
  • PN Crew (Nepal)
  • Stalwart Freestyle (Pakistan)
  • Tong Jia Bao Esports (China)
  • Da Kun Gaming (China)
  • LIT Esports (Taiwan)
  • DRS Gaming (Nepal)
  • 7SEA Esports (Nepal)

Esports Fight Club strike partnership with streaming platform Huya

The tournament is being hosted in cooperation with Chinese streaming platform Huya, who will broadcast the tournament on their UWS channel.

“Huya is thrilled to be partnering and working closely with EFC to build and drive new sustainable experiences for a tournament such as UWS that elevates the esports scene across the region. This is consistent with what Huya started out to do, and we aim to continue to forge partnerships with key brands and communities in order to achieve our objective," said Victoria Guo, Tournament Manager of Huya.

If you wish to follow the event, you can do so via the English EFC Facebook Page. Alternatively you can follow them on Twitter. PUBG Mobile remains a force to be reckoned with in Asia, and if the Ultimate Warrior Showdown can tap into even a fraction of the player base, it will reap huge rewards.