Need some extra gems? Use these Street Fighter Duel codes and get back in the game.

Looking to add a bit more spice to your Street Fighter Duel account? Need a pick-me-up after spending 10,000 gems just to get Decapre over and again? Have no fear, we're here to give you a nice surprise that should keep you fighting in the streets long enough to beat that next Shadaloo City level. We have the Street Fighter Duel codes for April 2023 down below.

Don't know how to redeem a SFD code? Hang around underneath and we'll step you through the process.

Street Fighter Duel codes: April 2023

Here are the codes for both the US (Crunchyroll Games published) and worldwide versions of the game. If one code doesn't work, try a code from the other version.

Crunchyroll Games Codes

  • MonHunSFD - 500 Gems
  • Time2FRYYY - 300 Gems
  • AnimeAwards2023 - 500 Gems
  • SFDTweets - 300 Gems
  • SFDiscord - 300 Gems
  • SFDLaunch - 300 Gems
  • SFD1987 
  • SFDTop1 
  • SFD6667


  • SFD77777 - 300 Gems
  • SFD88888 - 300 Gems
  • SFDMonHun - 500 Gems
  • STPatrickSFD - 300 Gems
  • IGNAwards2023 - 500 Gems
  • SFDTop1 - 800 Gems
  • SFDiscord - 300 Gems

How do I redeem Street Fighter Duel codes?

Turning in Street Fighter Duel Exchange Codes is easy.

  • Click your profile icon in the top left hand corner.
  • In the Basic Info screen look for "Exchange Code" button at the bottom of the screen.

Type in the code, hit confirm, get gems. Boom. Done. Now, get out there and punch some Guild Effigies!

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