The SEA Games 2023 in Cambodia for MLBB Women has ended with Indonesia taking gold, but it has also set viewership records.

The 32nd SEA Games, or the SEA Games 2023, has made history as the MLBB women’s competition became the most-watched women's esports tournament in history. The tournament recorded a peak viewership of 1.3 million far eclipsing the last record which was set by a Mobile Legends tournament as well: the MLBB Women's Invitational (MWI) 2022. 

SEA Games 2023 MLBB Women’s sets new record, what are the top five most-watched women's esports tournaments? 

Credits: SEA Games 2023
Credits: SEA Games 2023

The SEA Games 2023 are taking place in Cambodia, and this is the third time esports are being played in the event as a medal sport. However, it is the first time a separate category for MLBB women has been added. 

The new addition seems to be the right choice as it became the most-watched women's esports league in history. Six all-women rosters from across SEA, namely Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, and Malaysia, competed for the SEA Games 2023 MLBB Women gold medal. 

The two MLBB heavyweights, the Philippines and Indonesia managed to make their way into the finals, which was the most viewed match of the tournament. The Philippines were represented by Omega Empress while Indonesia’s squad was made of Bigetron Era’s members. It recorded a peak viewership of 1.3 million viewers, per Esports Charts

This is more than three times the last record, which was the MWI 2022 which saw a peak of 392,000, per Esports Charts. The average viewership in the SEA Games 2022 MLBB was an impressive 305,000.

Most watched women's esports tournaments

  1. SEA Games 2023 MLBB: 1.3 million
  2. MWI 2022: 392,405
  3. VCT 2022 Game Changers Championship: 239,334
  4. UniPin Ladies Series SEA Invitational: 183,786
  5. Wonderful Indonesia Srikandi Championship (WISC): 183,390

Women’s MLBB tournaments are known to attract huge viewers and according to Esports Charts occupy four of the top five most-viewed women's tournaments according to peak viewers (Stats from Esports Charts). 

32nd SEA Games for MLBB Women’s: Full Results and Standings

Credits: Bigetron
Credits: Bigetron

Six countries locked horns in the competition, but the real fight was between the MLBB powerhouses: Indonesia and the Philippines. Both teams were seeded into Group A, and in their first encounter, Indonesia managed to overcome their Filipino counterparts. 

Both teams managed to make it out of the group stage on opposite ends of the SEA Games 2023 MLBB Women Playoffs bracket. Indonesia faced Vietnam while the Philippines were up against Malaysia. Both teams once again showed why they are the most dominant regions in MLBB and beat both opponents 2-0. 

The best-of-five Finals was a truly intense affair. While Indonesia started off with a victory, the Philippines fought back to win two back-to-back games. However, it didn’t prove to be enough as Indonesia ultimately sailed through with a scoreline of 3-2. 

Here are the overall standings of the SEA Games 2023 MLBB Womens: 

  1. Gold Medal: Indonesia
  2. Silver Medal: The Philippines
  3. Bronze Medal: Malaysia
  4. Fourth place: Vietnam
  5. Fifth and sixth place: Cambodia and Laos

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