PUBG: New State is finally here! Krafton launches the latest addition of its PUBG franchise with a futuristic touch and more new features.

Krafton’s newest addition to its franchise, PUBG: New State has finally arrived! The new multiplayer battle royale was revealed in a cryptic trailer in February 2021, revealing a futuristic theme. Just like its predecessor, New State will be free-to-play with an abundance of in-game cosmetics and currency up for purchase.

PUBG: New State, a mobile-only video game, was launched globally on 11th November 2021. The game is developed by PUBG Studios, which is the original developer of the popular PUBG PC. Fans are obviously excited for the new release as Krafton revealed its outstanding number of pre-registrations. Prior to the launch, PUBG: New State had over 40 million people anticipating the new battle royale.  

PUBG: New State brings you to 2051 with futuristic maps and weapons

The highly anticipated battle royale introduces a new map, Troi which brings many new features and landmarks. Apart from labs, malls, graveyards, and more, electric vehicles of 2051 have also been added to the futuristic map. New game modes also include a revamped map of the classic Erangel, and a new 4v4 Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode called ‘Station’. 

Drones, a new feature that acts as a courier, are also available in PUBG: New State. A new recruitment system, a green flare gun, and a wide selection of new weapons and vehicles have also been added to the mobile game. Find out more new features in detail here.

Fans can enjoy many events and rewards by being a part of their global launch. Until 5th January 2022, all players who log into PUBG: New State for the first time will receive a host of welcome gifts. 

The New State phase begins

We normally see many events surrounding new releases to hype up and promote the game. Krafton is already on a roll with its latest #NewStateStyle dance challenge which will reward random participants who upload their short clips featuring the hashtag’s sticker and music.

Krafton also announced another event, Takedown: Troi, which will feature 9 North American influencers. They will upload a clip of their gameplay on their respective channels and Krafton will then filter out the best performing creator.

Many events and rewards will shower fans in the coming days as Krafton celebrates the launch of PUBG: New State. You can download the game on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.