PUBG New State Mobile’s December update brings a new PvE mode cover image

PUBG New State Mobile’s December update brings a new PvE mode

Here’s everything new in the PUBG New State Mobile December which includes the new Siege mode in beta, Survivor Pass, and more.

PUBG New State Mobile has released its December update with a mode joining the game, Survivor Pass 14, and various other improvements and changes. Here’s everything you need to know about the update.

PUBG New State Mobile’s December update brings new Siege Mode

The biggest highlight of the update is the Siege Mode, which will be released in beta to PUBG New State Mobile, also known as the New State Labs. This is used to test features coming to the game ahead of their complete release. 

The mode will be a PvE in which you can team up with four players to defend a “blue inhibitor zone.” Who are you defending against? Scores of androids are out to take you down. 

This new mode in PUBG New State Mobile's latest update is similar to the Zombies mode in other games with the goal being to survive as long as possible. The androids will attack in phases with each phase having a set time phase. Subsequent phases will have stronger androids. 

The androids are out to attack the blue zone inhibitor, which is located at the center of the map. If this takes damage, the blue zone will shrink. Players can repair the inhibitor as well to restore a portion of its HP. 

If you die, you will respawn after a short period. However, if all four members of your team are taken out, the match will end. 

Survivor Pass Vol. 14

A new PUBG New State Mobile update spells a new Survivor Pass. This time’s protagonist is Red of Project Justice. If you complete all of the story missions, you will get the face appearance for free. 

The Project Justice Red costume along with other rewards like skins, and more are available in the Premium Pass which costs 750 NC. 

What else is new in the December update?

Besides this, the PUBG New State Mobile December update will bring a lot of other changes to the game as well. This includes a terrain update to Troi. 

Earlier, there wasn’t a cover around the roads of the city. Now, Krafton has added ridges, pits, trees, and rocks to provide covers to players if they are caught while making rotations. 

Another addition in the update is a new item customization for the MCX. The Lightening Tech can be picked up from the map which will grant increased noise suppression, ADS speed, and increased control when hip or shoulder firing. This will come at the expense of the muzzle and stock slots being unavailable, though. 

Lastly, some other changes in PUBG New State Mobile December update include: 

  • Station has been added to the Round Deathmatch mode.
  • Radio messages have been improved to also provide additional information. 
  • The hair and facial hair in the game has been improved to make it look more natural. 

A lot of bugs have also been addressed in the update. You can read about these in the patch notes available on the website

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