PUBG Mobile joins list of Esports World Cup titles, PMWC format unveiled cover image

PUBG Mobile joins list of Esports World Cup titles, PMWC format unveiled

The inaugural PUBG Mobile World Cup has 39 partnered teams. Here’s all you need to know.

PUBG Mobile World Cup format and slots have been unveiled giving fans a glimpse into what the World Cup would look like. The PUBG Mobile World Cup takes place as a part of the Esports World CUp this Summer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Here’s all we know about the tournament format and more.

“The PUBG MOBILE World Cup will take the success of PMWI and bring the tournament to a whole new level. In 2024, our midseason tournament is going to be more competitive, more thrilling, and more important than ever before,” said James Yang, Senior Director of Global Esports Center “Through the expansion of the PUBG MOBILE Esports Partnership Program, we will be able to continue improving the quality and competitiveness of our ecosystem worldwide in partnership with these powerhouse teams.”

What is the format for PUBG Mobile World Cup?

Image Credit: PUBG Mobile
Image Credit: PUBG Mobile

The tournament starts off with the group stage where all 24 teams go head-to-head. The top twelve teams advance to the Main Stage event, whereas the remaining twelve move on to another stage. 

The bottom half of the group stage moves on to the ‘Survival Stage’. They play each other in this stage and joining them in the Survival Stage are the four invites from the PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL). 

Image Credit: PUBG Mobile
Image Credit: PUBG Mobile

The top four from the Survival Stage will advance to the Main stage where they will meet the other 12 teams from the Group Stage. This makes it 16 teams in the Main stage, who will compete for the title of the first ever PUBG Mobile World Cup Winner. 

How many teams are participating in the tournament?

The PUBG Mobile World Cup will feature 23 teams in participation. The teams compete for a part of the $3,000,000 prize pool bringing the pinnacle of PUBG Mobile competition to the Esports World Cup. 

The distribution of the 24 teams is as follows:

  • Five teams from Southeast Asia
  • Four teams from Central and South Asia
  • Four teams from EMEA
  • Three teams from the Americas
  • Two teams from China
  • One from South Korea
  • One team from Japan
  • Winner of the PMRC (PUBG Mobile Rivlas Cup)
  • Winner of PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024
  • Two special invites

The PMRC 2024 is a special Rivals event featuring teams from Korea and Japan. The winner of that invite will also receive an invite to PMWC 2024. 

PUBG Mobile Partner teams

Here are all the 39 PUBG Mobile Partner teams:

Image Credit: PUBG Mobile
Image Credit: PUBG Mobile

There will be more teams announced soon.