Football season has arrived in PUBG Mobile. Check out all the content in Patch 2.3 that will be live soon!

PUBG Mobile Update 2.3 is almost here, and ahead of the anticipated release, Tencent has dropped the patch notes to reveal all the new content coming to the game.

The main highlight of Update 2.3 is PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with Argentinian football star Lionel Messi. A lot of football-themed events, mode, and more are landing in this update.

The patch notes for PUBG Mobile Update 2.3 are as follows:

Football Mania theme with Lionel Messi is coming in PUBG Mobile Update 2.3

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With the FIFA World Cup 2022 around the corner, the football mania is arriving in PUBG Mobile as well in Update 2.3.

The mine pit area becomes a Football Carnival. Here, players will be able to explore Middle Eastern architecture and it will offer great loot to players.

There will also be Respwan cards in the carnival. Players can pick these up to respawn if they die inside the carnival area.

More Football-themed items and vehicles are landing as well

PUBG Mobile Update 2.3 patch notes have revealed the other features in the mode as well. These features are only available on Erangel, Livik, and Nusa.

  • Messi’s Golden Shoes: You can find these lying around the map and you can equip it to run faster. You can activate it again to perform a sliding maneuver.
  • Wonder Football: There will also be footballs on the map. You can kick these toward enemies. After a short delay, it will draw enemies in a certain radius around it toward the ball.
  • Zorb Football Vehicle: You can pick up this one-person vehicle and turn it into a football. You can rotate around the map with it. Your allies can even kick it to launch you into the air.
  • Football Arena: This is only available on Erangel and Livik. The update adds Football arenas across the two maps. Players can shoot the football towards the goal to get rewards.
PUBG Mobile Global Chicken Cup 2022
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Erangel to get some special football-themed items

  • Football Flare Gun: You can now push around the airdrop in PUBG Mobile with Update 2.3. The football flare gun will summon an airdrop in the shape of a big football that can be moved around. Don’t worry, the loot inside will remain safe.
  • Giga Football: These big cover-providing footballs will appear randomly on Erangel. Players can push them around. Be careful, though, as they will explode after taking some damage.

December Snow Fest Update is coming ahead of the winter

With the winter season approaching, Tencent will also be bringing the Snow Fest Update a bit later into Update 2.3. As part of this, there will be an icy theme to certain football items.

Aftermath Mode is back in PUBG Mobile Update 2.3

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  • This mode will be out on December 2 at 2 AM UTC.
  • The update makes the map the latest version of Livik.
  • The armor has been upgraded into Enhanced Vests. These vets have additional armor slots. Players can pick up alloy armor to fill up these slots and get higher armor.
  • There will also be upgrade crates on the map to upgrade weapons and increase their damage.
  • The energy in the Aftermatch will no longer drop over time. It will restore health when damage is taken.
  • The update adds new first aid kits and energy drinks to the mode which you can consume faster. The health from the med kit is no longer capped at 75 either.
  • The update adds crates to the mode to provide loot.
  • There are eight new bunkers that are heavily guarded. Players can defeat the guards to get loot.
  • Semi-trucks will also spawn randomly on the map. You can break them for loot.
  • The location of any player who uses a Recall Tower is visible to everyone on the map. Thus, you will have to defend heavily to revive your ally.

Football-themed events to offer a lot of rewards to players

A lot of football-themed events are descending into PUBG Mobile in Update 2.3.

  • Rank Up With Friends: November 20 to December 3
  • Unite Your Team: November 20 to November 26
  • Winning Choice: November 20 to December 3
  • Well Wishes: November 20 to December 18
  • Lucky Teammates: November 20 to December 18
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Other updates in PUBG Mobile Update 2.3

  • Payload mode: Revises the recall mechanic. Each player can be revived once and allies can go to the revive tower directly without picking up the dog tag.
  • Metro Royale: Adds a new weapon, NS2000 Shotgun, to the mode.

New Season: Cycle 3 Season 9

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  • Legendary rewards: C3S9-themed Glasses, Set, Parachute, M24, Mask, and Cover.
  • Introduces a new tier goal system for players to get rewards for setting and reaching a goal.

Besides this, PUBG Mobile also introduced a lot of quality-of-life upgrades and bug fixes. You can find more details on the official website.

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